Hard Rock or Royal Pacific?

We are planning for August 16. One night stay with two days in the park. Myself, dh and two boys aged 15 and 12. HR is $365 and RP is $320.

Which one is better to stay at? Is one significantly closer to the park than the other?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hard Rock is the closest to the parks. The walk is so short, and the hotel is fantastic. I would stay there since you only have the one night. My teens love it there.


We have stayed at both and prefer Hard Rock (my kids even prefer it to Portofino). I like the feel of Hard Rock more and the pool is better. I think Royal Pacific is closer to IOA and Hard Rock is closer to US, but really neither of them is that far. It’s an easy walk (or boat ride if you’re tired).

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I was just looking on the map and it does look to be the closest! I was leaning toward it anyway as my kids are learning to play drums and guitar so I think they would like the rock theme. Thanks for the help!

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I think they would love the theme.

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We’ve only stayed at Hard Rock - like you, just the one night - but we loved it, the walk is so short and through lovely gardens. I’m going to do it again next year.

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