Happy Limo or Quicksilver?

Hi! We have always used Happy Limo in the past. Had an issue last visit. Driver stayed outside. We had no idea where he was. Said he couldn’t leave the car where it was parked. Didn’t call to let me know. Then tried to drop us off at a different resort. Now considering Quicksilver. Has anyone experienced Quicksilver good or bad? Thanks!

Have not heard great things about Happy Limo recently. Have never heard of Quicksilver.

http://www.transportation2disney.com we were going to use them last year but had to cancel trip. they were very friendly when booking FWIW

Thank you for your reply.

I will check them out. Thanks!

I haven’t used Happy since we had a negative experience in September. We ordered the town car and they showed up with a Ford Transit Van instead. Would have been fine, but the driver arrived with booster seats in car, covered in Cheerios and other trash. It was a hot mess and not the luxury, relaxing ride we were hoping for.

I tried Ultimate Limo for the next 2 trips, but they drove like a bat out of hell and scared the hell out of me. So now they’re out. I’ve heard good things about Tiffany Town Car, so I’ll probably try that one next.

I have used Quicksilver multiple times. They are always reliable and professional. They also frequently run specials if you get on their mailing list.