Happy Accidents? Best Mistakes?

What has happened on your trips that you thought was going to be bad and turned out to be really good?

An example: Back in the days of Paper FP, we went to get one for TSMM. Toy story was my son’s favorite movie and we were really bummed, because the line was long and we weren’t really willing to wait. At that time we found the “honey I shrunk the kids” play area and it what my kids liked best from the trip. Also a plus, the way it was set up, we adults were able to take a break sitting by the exit and if any of us wanted to go explore, only one would stay. So the kids got to have fun and burn energy, while we got to take turns resting and exploring without the kids.


A cold rainy night in February several years ago turned into magic when DS3 at the time and DSinfant got to ride the Magic Carpets again and again because no one else was on the ride with us. So fun and magical for them (and miraculously, no one got a cold afterward!). The park was so empty, and we just got to do everything over and over.

Also, last July 4th there were terrible thunderstorms, and I think the fireworks were delayed. We were hiding under the covering beside CBJ and CMs told us and others waiting to come inside. We did, and a CM there was running a kind of “AMerica’s Got Talent” show with audience members. It was incredible. There was one girl in the audience who was a fantastic singer, and I remember being so impressed by that CM who was able to make that delay a happy time for all of us.

I had forgotten about that play area at HS! I wish they still had it, or something similar at Hollywood Studios. My DS6 also wonders why there can’t be an activity like Sorcerors, Wildness Explorers, Agent P at HS, too.


There does seem to be a lack of young children’s areas at HS, plus isn’t it the only one without wet ride?
It was easily my least favorite park back then, but the kids loved that play place.

At HS on May 1, 2018. We were close to the front waiting for Rope drop and we told our granddaughter to stay with us so not to get lost. She didn’t listen, she was too excited and squeezed her way up to the rope. (We could still see her) The CM noticed that she had a birthday button on. He told her that it was HS birthday as well and wanted to know where her parents were. We raised our arm to identify ourselves. We saw that the CM gave here something. Our granddaughter came back to us to show us.
It was lanyard with All Day FP for the 3 of us. That doesn’t happen everyday!


We also went to the MK park after we checked in about 7:00pm. I never seen it rain so hard and it looked like everyone was leaving. Our FPP was canceled for SDMT so we ducked in to Philharmagic. We came out the rain had stopped, the park was practically empty and we walked on to almost every ride until the park closed.
I never leave if it is raining. Thunder showers never seem to last that long in WDW.


Same here! Post -thunderstom is like bonus fun time. Last year DS6 (then 5) and I rode SDD right after a storm, no line.


I grew up in FL and had season passes when I was a kid. I remember HS used to have more stuff that I thought was fun for kids to do, versus see (like meet and greets - fun to see, not much to do besides signatures and photos).

I have my hopes that they might someday add an activity like sorcerors, wilderness explorers, etc after SWGE opens. I feel like parents would appreciate having that kind of thing to do while in between other activities, and the kids like the “free souvenirs” of collecting all the stuff along with the activities.

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