Happily Ever After viewing from Ohana

Last December I saw Wishes from Ohana and it was amazing! What are your thoughts about watching Happily Ever After from Ohana? TIA

Did you see the show last night? I would recommend watching it - it’s all over the internets :wink:

Here are my thoughts, having watched from my couch: this seems to be a show that will be able to be appreciated from many vantage points. I think people will still clamber to watch from the resort beaches and restaurants, Cali Grill, and various spots in and around MK. But - there is a lot of projection work in the show (incredibly well done, not forced and not outdoing the fireworks). So if you’re wanting the full experience I do think you’ll need to be in the hub.

It may be a little bit before you get reviews of various viewing spots. Last night was the first run, so everyone who did see it can only report how it was in their spot. So keep checking back.

When are you traveling?


I’ve only watched the video, but based on the number of castle projections and the distance between Poly and the castle, I think the overall effect will be greatly diminished anywhere outside of MS and the Hub. You’ll still see all of the (spectacular) FW, but that’s only “half the show”.


Thank you for your thoughts. We are traveling the week of Thanksgiving. I know it is going to be super crowded. I was hoping Ohana might offer a nice retreat from the crowds. However, I want to enjoy the full experience.