Happily Ever After strategy questions

Will be arriving at MK late afternoon on a Monday in January, with predicted crowds at 5. I snagged a FPP for 7dmt for 7:10 pm, and so far can’t move it up. How can we get to a good viewing spot in time, or is that a pipe dream?

Others may be able to tell you a good spot that may still be open after that, but if you want to be 100% sure to get a good spot, you can book the dessert party. We did the dessert party specifically to get a good spot for HEA for our kids who would have problems seeing the castle over tall people in a crowd. It worked out very well for that purpose.

I actually booked it as a back up plan, but it will mean giving up the 7DMT fpp. Plus I really don’t want to spend the money if I can avoid it.

What time is HEA? I wouldn’t think a 7:10 7DMT would interfere with a dessert pary. You can show up to the dessert party whenever. I do understand not wanting to spend the money though. It is pricey.

HEA is at 8. Don’t want to be rushing like a crazy person with a kid in a stroller, scarfing down desserts and pushing through the crowd to get a spot on the plaza. It’s the 7DMT FPP or the dessert party. I’m pretty sure GS would prefer the ride.

I loved the dessert party but we showed up late and I would definitely only go if we can get there early next time. MK CL was only 5or 6 when we went but it was in October during MNSSHP time and HEA nights were extremely overly crowded. When are you going?
If we didn’t go to the dessert party I was going to try to get us near Casey’s or Crystal palace. Anywhere you can get to in front of the castle. The projections are awesome!

Keep the FPs for now. Keep trying to refresh the FPs throughout the next month and see what shakes loose. People cancel and change plans all the time. I was able to get a dessert party/plaza for a trip next week a couple of days ago, and the TP ADR app shook loose a BoG as well. Sounds like you want to save the money if you can (it is definitely pricey)- so that is your best option at this point. Sounds like you are committed to one or the other, and with this much time left and some diligence refreshing the FPs regularly- you might be able to move the coaster up and be OK to cancel the party if you need to.

This was the one dessert party I would do again (but the cheaper Plaza Garden view — which is also the better location).

For me it wasn’t about the desserts. Which were fine. (Though the dining area was ridiculously packed.)

It was about getting an amazing, stress-free view.

I think you could do both your FPP and HEA dessert party if you were willing to cut down on eating time. Obviously ideally you’d push your FPP back. Keep trying! And don’t forget the modify trick!