Happily Ever After Issue

I have a plan for MK at WDW on 11/6. The official hours for MK on that day are 9am-9pm. It looks like the touring plan website thinks Happily Ever After starts at 9pm (although it does know the park closes at 9pm).

This is an error? Or does Happily Ever After still start at 9pm when the park closes at 9pm?


Not an error, the park doesn’t really close at that time, only the rides. Might also get extended hours later on (hopefully).

Thanks…again :slight_smile:
So, HAE will still start at 9pm?

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According to WDW website yes but it was at 8pm a few weeks ago and can always change. Check again a few days prior to make final TP adjustments as needed… :wink:

I see it now, thanks. I wasn’t looking at the by attraction times, just hours.

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Hi All, Looks like they have officially changed the close time to 10pm. Makes sense.

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