Happily Ever After in January Question

Does January weather scare off a bunch of folks for fireworks? We’re planning on seeing HEA on 12 Jan (Sun) which starts at 8 PM. How much time should I allot to getting there early in order to receive a good viewing spot? Who’s watched HEA in January during a crowd level 3 day that can chime in?

Thanks folks.


I’ll be there as well! Interested in what others have to say about it. My plan is to watch HEA, then boogie back to Pop to meet DW by 9:00 and then Skyliner to Beaches and Cream for a late-night dessert. So, I’m also wondering what the transportation timing will look like after HEA.

Nothing scares people from HEA in my experience LOL


We went this past January and there was only one night that I would have considered changing my plans for cold weather. But as had our winter coats from getting to the airport, so we bundled up and soldiered on. I would imagine most people would do the same.