Happily Ever After goosebumps!

Ok - I know we love Wishes, and I will hella miss Wishes, but this song is giving me major goosebumps:

Have you checked it out? There’s also a sneak peek at the projections and some of the pyro:

Thoughts and feels?

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I’m stoked. Wishes was awesome but it had a long run. Disney Parks under the Iger regime are not exactly as new-content-oriented as it was under Eisner’s, so I’ll rarely criticize the coming of a new attraction. I’ll be seeing HEA on May 21!

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Although unpopular to say here, I was never all that enthralled with Wishes - especially after seeing “Remember - Dreams Come True” at DL - so I am really looking forward to the new show. On my next trip (whenever that might be) I may actually brave the inhumanity of MS to watch it. Here’s a just-released video of rehearsals (with a hefty dose of the music)

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I like the music for Wishes, but I also loved Fantasy in the Sky. Maybe I’m just a sucker for everything :grin:

is Happy Ever after that different than wishes? The music is different for sure, but isn’t that the main difference?

Happily Ever After will also include projections, lasers, and other effects not currently included in Wishes.

Tinkerbell flying will still be a part of the show

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Question - do you guys think the projections will be on both sides of the castle or just the front?

Almost certainly just the front.


yeah, looks like a majority of the main story happens on the front

I did check it out because we just came back and it will be a while before we get back. If we were going soon I’d have avoided it at all costs to see it live for the first time.

I LOVE this, at least based on what the preview shows! I am a huge Wishes fan and had a little bit of an ugly-cry going on the other night when I had seen it for the last time ever.

But this show looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it next trip!

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Soooo… The queen and I fly out on Monday. Couldn’t forgive myself if we didn’t say goodbye to Wishes.

Really hoping that Pandora is very softly launched this week like fantasyland was launched a few years back.


Not be a crusher of dreams, but from what I’ve read on other sites, with the AP and CM previews and VIP events, there is a very slim chance of public “soft” openings. One source indicated that if they do them at all, it willlikely be targeted MDE invites for those people who are already in the park.