Hang on to or drop non-ideal timed FPP?

Wednesday was my FPP day. I also happened to be out of the country with spotty internet connection and then spent the next two days traveling home to the states. That given, I had my TA book my passes, and now that I’m home (and jet lagged and awake before the rest of my family, ha!), I’m trying to tweak them, which I’ve done on some days with great success, but am still feeling MEH about

(1) AK DAY - 6PM - FOP (for all 7 of us)

Redo ADRs to make this work? Plan to Rope Drop on a different EMH morning and then hop to scheduled park? Wait and see if we manage a RD and then try to modify to something else (earlier or at different park) the day of? As of right now I can still get a morning Navi for all of us.

And Really? I don’t super duper care what we ride and don’t ride. FOP is a would be nice but not a deal breaker in my life. Kids don’t know enough to care or not since we haven’t been in 8 years.

(2) 4 PM TOT on our HS day for only me. (Seriously, I managed to see this an hour after the TA made it and TOT was GONE for 60+3 for just a party of 1!) I am feeling like this puts me way out of sync with the rest of my family and maybe not worth it. (Also, I haven’t been to HS since it was MGM, so while I’m hopeful that I’ll love it, I’m kinda MEH on this whole park all together)

Hang on to them or drop them?

I would keep the FOP for now

As to ToT if it’s not fitting into your day and isn’t important I would drop it

Ok. That’s the way I was leaning anyway. Dropped TOT for Star Tours earlier in the day with the rest of my family/kids and will decide when I get there if I really want to try it or not. Really not much in the way of choices at HS.

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Going to be worse after 8/29 when all rides will be in one tier and all shows in the other, as I understand it.

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I saw that. Probably would make it an easy skip it all together for me.

Ironically, kids Want to ride SDD and it’s the only reason I added HS. But 60+3 not enough. Fingers crossed it’s the predicted low crowd level.

Didn’t have much problem getting same day star tours. Don’t know if that will change. The only show that was a bit tricky was b&b. Scream puddle and you’ll get a reaction from the performers.

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The puddle is on frozen show

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Tot will be much harder to get

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Yes. But I’m the only one of our group who showed any interest in riding it. :woman_shrugging: So if I miss it I miss it. Also have frozen sing along. :slight_smile:

KEEP!!! And then try to modify.

I love love love FOP! I would keep them and try to modify later as Ariadne suggested. This is now a “not to be missed” attraction for me.


Okay. Next question. I have a 9:50 TSM FPP. Should I adjust it to later in the day (early afternoon) in hopes of getting to modify it to a SDD that day?

Which would you use if you don’t get an SDD? It won’t matter for trading if for SDD, but you should be happy with the time for TSM that you have in case you don’t get SDD. Also, there’s no limit to the number of times you change it. So this morning, maybe you see a 2pm TSM and change, then later, you see a 4:10 SDD. You change.

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If I couldn’t modify the TSM to a SDD, then I’d be okay with TSM whatever time. But if I use TSM at 10 AM and still have to use our tier 2 rides, I can’t try to pickup any of the same day drops for SDD until the afternoon. If our tier 1 is already in the afternoon, I can try to modify it with the morning drop. It’s a gamble.

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Fair point. I hadn’t thought about trying to get a SDFP modified.