Handicap parking at MK

My mother broke her leg about a month ago so she’s got a temporary handicap parking tag (from CT). How does handicap parking at MK work? Do we still need to ride the ferry/monorail? Is there any parking that’s closer? I’ve tried Googling this, but haven’t been able to really find any answers. She’s going to rent an ECV because she can’t walk and feels that will be easier than a wheelchair.

You will still park at the TTC. The parking will be closer to the ferry / monorail terminals but will still have to use one of the these to get to the actual park.

So we ran into someone in line. The trams don’t seem to go to the handicapped parking as they expect people in those spots to have a wheelchair or jazzy. So you would need to walk to the park entrance. If you are in a wheelchair etc that is good - if you are walking (on crutches) you MAY want to park in regular parking so you can take the tram.

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My MIL and FIL were there last month and this was a huge issue for them. It’s rather a significant walk from the sound of it. I can’t understand why there wouldn’t be a dedicated tram for this.

I think becase there would be SO many people with wheelchairs / Jazzy - how would they load them all. I THINK the handycapped parking is actually fairly close

It really isn’t.

I would suggest that if you do not have a wheelchair that you park in regular parking so you can take advantage of the tram

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My mom will have an ECV, but we’re going to probably wind up parking in the regular parking because, according to all accounts, the “walk” from the handicap parking lot is ridiculously far. Can my mom take her ECV on the boat or monorail (I’m not quite sure which you take to get to MK from the parking lot)? She can’t walk. She can only move from one form of transportation to another (car to ECV or wheelchair).


This should somehow be communicated to guests who would park in handicap parking but who do not use a wheelchair - or who may be planning to rent one in-park.

Here is the informaiton you are looking for:

"Watercraft access varies depending on the type of watercraft and the existing water levels and conditions. Please contact a Disney Cast Member at the watercraft dock for information and assistance.

Guests may access the Monorail system by proceeding up the entrance ramps, or using the elevators provided at Epcot Theme Park, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Disney’s Polynesian Resort."

from: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plain-text/mobility-disabilities/

I know ECV’s can go on the monorail and the ferry is huge so I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be fine there as well. I’m not, however, sure that the parking lot trams can accommodate them.