Handicap or Preferred Parking?

I have a handicap card for my son but I’m trying to figure out which option would get us in the park quicker. We will get a wheelchair once inside the park so that leaves the issue of getting to the gate. He can walk but very slowly. A very old thread mentioned that while the HC parking is closer there is no tram so you end up walking further actually :frowning: Wondering if that’s still the case??

I think preferred is further away than parking for people with a disability in most of the parks but it is marginal.

Ok something I can help with. If you have a car I am assuming you are driving not flying and renting a car. I am disabled and have limited mobility. I would not rent a wheelchair from Disney. I have a wheelchair that I keep in my trunk and use it as needed but when I travel I put a bike rack on my trunk and put the wheelchair on the rack. This way I don’t lose trunk space. If you don’t own a wheelchair you can buy one on craig’s list, sometimes you can even get one for free on craig’s list. I can not walk from the bus stop to the front of the park to get a chair or ECV. When we went last summer I rented a ECV from an outside company so I could use it to get around the resort and the parks. This worked well for me because we stayed on property and took the bus everywhere. Seven day rental was about the same as 4 days of renting from the parks.
I hope this helps and if you have any questions just ask.

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Try getting your wheelchair at your resort (used to be free, not sure now) instead of renting in the park. Or rent a wheelchair from an outside vendor.

There are no trams for handicapped parking. And sometimes they put you in an overflow handicapped area which is even farther away. However, I think I heard that there are wheelchairs you can use to get up to the gates. Hmmm. I will research that.

Also, If you have a placard, parking is free everywhere, including valet parking at resorts.

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It will also depend on when you get to the parks. Handicap parking is very close and the the walk is short, but I have seen handicap parking fill up (especially at HS and AK, by mid-to-late morning. Just something to keep in mind.

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