Handheld fans recommendations?

Last year we brought a handheld fan with a mister. However, it is rather bulky to throw in my bag and would like something smaller-mister not required. Any recommendations? Thanks!

We’ve used something like this before. Small and easy to carry. Each of the kids can even have their own so less fighting over it.


There is another brand I think “esbuy” that we purchased and it was 3 for $15 also on Amazon. They work fine. I just have to remember to take the batteries out after trip. They entertain the kids in line and probably annoy others waiting in line.

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My sister and I have these:

The mister one was great when we went to Disneyland during a September heatwave last year. It’s pump activated, so no batteries or charging needed. The fan was great, but getting water in it for the mister action was a little difficult at times.We often used the pump mister to get us wet and then used the fan for additional cooling.

We have two of the fans shown in the top picture. I agree -they are great! I’m trying to find something even more compact for this trip that doesn’t take up as much room in my in-park bag…

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We used the one at tge top last summer. It worked good but my daughter kept getting her hair caught in it

Oh no! I have long hair, but I’m sure I’ll be wearing it “up” as much as possible in the July heat.

Bought mine from bed, bath and beyond.

I bought two of those in the checkout line at Dick’s last week on a whim (while snagging our Stanley Cup Champions gear LET’S GO BLUES!! :blue_heart::yellow_heart:)…we go for the “less is more” approach for our park bags, when possible…having DS5 with us for an upcoming July trip has made us think we might need a fan, and these are nice and tiny. Pretty good air flow, too! But, haven’t tried them in the parks yet.

(Also snagged some mini Frogg Toggs in the checkout line for DS5: https://www.froggtoggs.com/chilly-mini/)

I will look for those! Going shopping today in South County. (While also looking for a few Stanley Cup Champion items! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:)

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