HalloWishes Dessert Party

Hi - has anyone attended the HalloWishes Dessert Party? I see tickets are now available. Interested if people enjoyed it and the reserved seating for the Nighttime fireworks. I realize the price is over and above both the park ticket and the MNSSHP. Thanks!

We did it last year and I would pay to do it over and over again. With some background - the trip was me, my mom and my son who was two at the time so we didn’t have to pay for him. I booked the premium package the day they were released (I’m not sure if they are doing it again this year) because it included reserved parade viewing AND the fireworks dessert party. I later got a call from Disney that the reserved parade viewing was a mistake, but they would still honor it as that was what was offered when I booked. To be honest, the reserved parade viewing was made me pull the trigger. But because Disney said it was a mistake I don’t know if they are offering it this year. Since my son was 2 there was no way we would have made it to the second parade. Also, my mom has a bum knee so that fact that she had a place to sit for both the parade and the fireworks was amazing! When we did MVMCP the year before I rented her a wheelchair just so she would have somewhere to sit.
As for the actual dessert party, the desserts were pretty standard, but very good. Then at the end they handed every party a big variety pack of Ghiradelli chocolate squares so that was nice. We watched from the tomorrowland terrace restaurant, which I don’t think is the best view, but they let up move chairs up to the banister and that was great. There was another dessert party that watched from the rose garden.
By having the reserved seating for the fireworks and parade, we were able to enjoy the party more than we ever have before. We are big character people and we were able to hit so many more meet greets because we weren’t camping out for spots. While pricey, I thought it was totally worth it. I’m sorry this was really wordy, but I hope it helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!