Halloween..what to do? Can an AP holder include non- AP holders?

Edit: We travel with a cousin who will be an AP holder. MK is still available to AP holders on Halloween. Will he be able to make a reservation and include the other four of us?

We’ve been to WDW several times during Jersey Week. This year it happens to start October 30th so this will be our first time being in WDW for Halloween. Just found out today, as I’m ironing out plans, that Magic Kingdom is sold out on Halloween. What’s the next best park to go to? Are others decorated for Halloween, too? I suppose whether we could park hop there in the afternoon depends on whether they will close early for an Halloween party. Would appreciate any advice.Thanks!

Park capacity will probably be higher well before October. Disney will definitely have some type of ticketed event on several nights that week, so MK will be closing early.

As to decorations in other parks, I don’t recall ever seeing any, but Fort Wilderness usually has elaborate Halloween displays by the long term RVers. Take a resort launch to the Fort, just before sunset, and walk around the campground loops closest to the settlement(boat docks) area.

They will have signs up indicating that the Fort Wilderness festivities are only for people staying there. All the resorts have in the past had different Halloween festivities as well which were open to anyone.

MK is “THE” park for Halloween decor. You’ll see fall decorations & treats at the other parks, but not as the central theme.

I’d just grab whatever park you’d like to go to.

We have gone for Halloween twice. I usually make the actual 31st a resort day because I do think MK gets nutso even during the day before the (usual) Halloween parties. In 2019 Saratoga Springs had a very elaborate Halloween setup with Donald and Daisy Duck as well as many games, a cake walk, smores roasting and trick or treating. And when I say trick or treating, the CMs were shoving fistfuls of full sized, name brand candy in my son’s bag. And many were calling out to him, “more candy over here!” He still talks about it. I sincerely hope they are able to bring this back!

Thanks all. Does anyone know if there is an easy way (like a reservation finder that send you an alert) to be notified if they increase capacity?

There isn’t any capacity alert. If you aren’t a part of any Disney “social media / podcast” groups, then I’d suggest checking in here every so often. You can also follow Touring Plans on FB / IG / Twitter for updates