Halloween Trip - Help with our plan

Hey everyone, trying to get a little input from those more experienced on how much time we should want to spend at each park.

We’re going for the full week around Halloween, crowds seem to be pretty small as of now

Day 1 - Arrive late, check into hotel, play in the pool and then sleep.
Day 2 - Magic Kingdom, Cinderella’s Lunch - Mickey Halloween
Day 3 - Bon Voyage Breakfast - No real park plans yet, but planning Magic Kingdom at least half day
Day 4 - Animal Kingdom - Tusker Hous Lunch - O’Hana dinner hopefully to watch fireworks.
Day 5 - Epcot - Akershus breakfast at 930, world showcase opens at 11, hopefully we’ll be lined up ready to go on Frozen.
Day 6 - Hollywood - Hollywood & Vine Lunch (Minnie Seasonal)
Day 7 - Open in the AM, Be Our Guest Dinner
Day 8 - Chef Mickey’s Breakfast, no park plans need to leave by 2-3 to get to airport.

The trip is mainly for our daughter who will be 3.5 at the time, we went right after she turned 2 and she absolutely loved it. Last time we didn’t have a good plan, but it was much harder with a group of 8 people. I felt like we wasted a lot of time walking back and forth in the parks, and going back to the hotel midday for attempted naps.

What I need help with is how much time would you need for a toddler to take in all of Magic Kingdom - should we plan on our first 2 full days being there. Then go to each of the other parks for the next 3 days, then finish out park hopping some. If we do the entire first day at Magic Kingdom, and then half the next day should that give us enough time to get everything then park hop somewhere else and come back to Magic Kingdom later in the week? Her favorite thing is meeting the characters, followed by the kid rides (hopefully she grows a couple more inches so we can do 7 Dwarfs- or will they let you tippy toe it?)

Should I plan for needing more than 1 full day at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios? We will of course have the time to spend more, but I want to make sure we hit everything at least once then use the extra time to go back and do the stuff she loves some more.

Worth adding, it will be food and wine fest - my mother is coming in a few days and will be babysitting for a couple hours at night while the wife and I go enjoy food and wine fest.

Also, if it is Minnie’s seasonal meal at Hollywood & Vine will there be anywhere to see Jake, and Doc McStuffins?

While MOST of World Showcase opens at 11, the Frozen ride opens at the same time as the regular park open hour (park opens at 9, the ride opens at 9). A 9:30 breakfast wouldn’t really get you anywhere unless you rode the ride first and then ate your breakfast.

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The Hollywood and Vine breakfast and lunch are for the Disney Junior characters. The dinner is the Minnie seasonal meal.

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Perfect - that is better for us.

Did not know this - we will absolutely run to do this first then eat.

Thank you

If I am counting right you have 6 park days and plan to do the Halloween party. I would do 2-3 days at MK, 1 day AK, 1 day HS, and 1-2 days at EP. I would think carefully about doing the Halloween party with such a young little. My niece fell Asleep in the stroller by 9:30pm and we did not do a park that morning. She is normally a bit of a night owl but she just did not make it. If you still want to do the party plan for a long afternoon nap and maybe skip a park that day.

They also meet outside the theater for the disney Jr show.

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No tippy toeing. Thick shoes and ride at the beginning of the day. CMs are very strict and she will likely be measured multiple times if she is close. Any CM can say no even if others have measured her tall enough.

The Hollywood and Vine lunch is switching over to Minnie instead of Disney Jr for lunch. I believe this change is supposed to be in effect by October.

With a young child if the Halloween party is a priority you might want to consider skipping the park during the day, only going for the party and planning on a late start the next day.

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Good to know - 6.5 park days really, with Halloween party also.

Good to know, right now she’s right at like 36.5 inches, so getting close

With them switching over, will there be somewhere else to see Jake? I remember seeing Sofia outside of Disney Live - don’t remember seeing a place for Jake.

Not 100% sure about the switch over but this was last week outside Disney Jr. this is jake right? This is a friend’s daughter. I don’t have any Disney JR fans in my group :blush:

That is Jake - we never watched Jake in our house, she was all about Mickey and Sofia before our last trip. When we ate at hollywood & vine she was most excited to see Jake, go figure. I guess they watched it at school. So just want to make sure we can see him again.

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