Halloween Touring Plans

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I am new to the boards and planning a trip in October. One of the days we are doing the Not-So-Scary Halloween party. Two questions about it:

  1. Will Touring Plans update the attractions/shows to include the ones available only during the Halloween party? I am trying to schedule our time wisely that night and knowing average wait times would be VERY helpful.

  2. Can you make advance Fast Pass + reservations using only the hard ticket to NSSHP? I know you can’t reserve anything after 7, but wasn’t sure about 4-7.

thanks in advance for the help :smile:


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Although the official Disney policy last year said you could not book FP between 4-7 with only a party ticket, last year you could.

TP also has specific touring plans (at least I thought mine was a choice TP that I customized?) you could customize for the parties.

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Yes and yes. And as @PrincipalTinker points out, check out the ready-made party TPs.

I just realized that I have been reading your user name as PrincipalThinker. The avatar should have clued me in. D’oh!


Thanks so much for the help and links. :smiley: Do you know if the shows are typically updated to show the newest ones each year?

So I need some guidance here gang. I think I might be overthinking things… Here is my situation.

I’ll be at DW on in early October for 4 days at the parks. As I’m with my 4 yo and 10 yo girls, I will be doing MK 2 times, once on a MNSSHP day without going to it and once on a MNSSHP day that we will be attending. With regard to our touring plans, I have used the provided MK two day TP template and customized it for us. I see the TP software asks if we are attending MNSSHP and I checked the YES box on the day we’re going.

For my TPs how do I handle the day we will be attending the party? Does the software take into account the FPPs not working after 7:00? How would you split the days? As I have it now, there is a big 200 minute gap in the middle of my day!
We HAVE to see Anna and Elsa.

You have to see Anna and Elsa during the party? At rope drop? Are you planning on doing a full day before your party? Honestly, I think I would do the 2 day TP, but put in the times you will actually be in MK during regular hours. Then I would make a special plan for the party, but that is just me.

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