Halloween to Christmas decor change over

I just booked a trip for October 31-November 4. DHS on Nov 2 and MK on Nov 3. What are the chances one or both of those parks will be decorated for Christmas?

Both, I’d think. I was there Oct 30-Nov 4 and the changeover happened Nov 1-2


That’s what I was hoping

They are advertising that “Holiday” celebration starts November 6th


In the past they brought in a huge number of people after the last
Halloween party finished and converted to Christmas over night. With furloughs and layoffs it remains to be seen if they have the manpower available to pull that off again. My guess is since they are actively promoting November 6th, it will be a gradual decorating process over the six days from 10/31 to 11/6.

My DD’s B-day is 11/2 and we’ve taken multiple trips there during this time. They start changing out stuff almost as soon as the park closes on Halloween. We’ve woken up on 11/1 & noticed new, but small, changes. One trip we were there until 11/6 and the parks were, basically, redone by then.

This is my bday too!!! Ill be celebrating (just a few weeks later) in Disney this year.

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Oddly… in my family it’s the birthday of my BIL, niece and daughter!!!

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And my daughter! She’ll be 18.


Last year we were at the last Halloween party on 11/01, still all Halloween decor of course. Went back to MK on 11/03 and it was all Christmas.