Halloween: Saturday vs Sunday

Trying to decide if I should go to DL on Saturday 10/30 or stay an extra day (and extra money) in the area and go on 10/31. Touring Plans shows a HUGE difference in crowd levels, but hard to say how accurate that is after the last 18 months. Any thoughts? HELP!

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So far this month, every Sunday has been busier than the Saturday within the same weekend.

I assume Boogie Bash is both days? Are you going to BB? In any case, I’d stick with Saturday since it’s less money for you. Both days will probably be very busy, but not Thanksgiving / Christmas level. Doable with reasonable expectations.


So yesterday broke the mold a little bit - it was the first time in September that Sunday had lower overall resort crowds than Saturday. However, it is consistent with other weeks that when there is a Boogie Bash at DCA on Sunday but not Saturday, Sunday crowds are lower at that park, which makes sense since the hours are lower so people might choose to go to DL instead. It just so happens that Disneyland crowds stayed static rather than increasing as in other weeks.


I don’t think this changes my recommendation - just do what’s cheaper - but something to consider if you are going to only DCA or Boogie Bash, etc. or if you care about number of operating hours prior to the bash.


If the weekend we recently went (Thur 9/16- Sun 9/19) is any indication, weekends are just busy all around and DL was especially busy on on the days there was an Oogie Boogie Bash (which would be both of your days). So definitely agree with @Jeff_AZ above to do whatever works better for your schedule/budget. Since both days will have the party, DCA will be closed earlier both days too.