Halloween party Tuesday vs Friday

Hi everyone! We are taking a trip mid August and want to attend our first MNSSHP. We are there Saturday to Saturday and were thinking of doing Friday August 16 (the third party of the season) since we are leaving Saturday as a fun way to end our trip. But now I’m wondering if we will be so exhausted that maybe we should do it earlier? Plus, I’ve heard Tuesday is calmer than Friday, although if all the parties sell out I don’t see how this is possible.

Any pros or cons to Tuesday, August 13 vs Friday, August 16? Wednesday will be a rest day so we can sleep in the day after either party, really. Thanks in advance for your sage advice!

The most recent article I could find on what the best day of the week to go was a pre-Covid article by Brian McNichols (yes, that long ago) who says Tuesdays are a better time to go.

Becky Gandillon has done some more recent stuff in her “Touring Plans Teaches” series and is a firm believer of going to MK during the day on party days because they have some of the lowest crowds MK sees all year. She says crowd level ONE low. So I mention this in case you want to see more of MK because even entering the park at 4:00 with your MNSSHP ticket won’t be enough time to see everything, especially the special entertainment that you should be wanting to see.