Halloween Party Tourong Plan

We have the opportunity at the end of our vacation to attend a Halloween Party in October. It is our only time in the park on this trip. Is there a touring plan for the party on this site or does anyone have a plan that works. I have a 10 and 12 year old and we will be most interested in attractions. Thanks.

There are plans:



Disneyland or WDW?

Sorry, I thought I was in the Disneyland plans! I can only find blog posts for Disneyland.

This the blog post about Halloween from last season. They will have a new post for 2018 (expected next month) but they do also expect a lot of it to remain the same so you can leverage the information here & come up with your own best personalized plan.

ETA: So the above link covers a lot about everything else with very little about rides. Just know that the rides will be very easy to get on (only exceptions will be the 2 Halloween overlays on Space & Haunted Mansion) so you can easily start with where you’re most interested & flow around logically avoiding crossing the park during parade/FWs. We were in ToonTown at the start of a party last year & the only ride my kids did that whole night was Gadget’s but they did it over & over with no wait before we left ToonTown.