Halloween Party question

I have bought tickets for Mickeys Halloween party but it does not seem to come up on my MDE itinerary or on the tickets page when you click. I have tried linking tickets but that doesn’t work. I got emailed the tickets to print at home , is this right?? I thought they would be linked to the rest of my reservation… if you haven’t guessed first timer !!

It usually takes a couple of days to link. If a week goes by and you still don’t see anything, I would recommend calling Disney

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I bought tickets earlier today and I can’t see them on MDE unless I click on “View My Tickets”. Then in the right hand corner towards the top, I clicked on my name tab and changed it to my “Family List” and they all showed up. I hope yours show up soon.

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Thank you mom3k1d I’ve tried your suggestion but no luck. I guess i may have to call Disney, could it be because I am from the UK and tickets dealt with differently?? I bought on Disney site in Dollars so don’t know why that would be. Whilst typing have thought of one more question. On the day of the party we will be visiting MK for an ADR wearily planning to do some fave rides and then returning back to hotel to rest before party. How does the FP work. Does it allow me to choose 3 for the day and 3 separate for party evening???

If it helps, I still cannot see our tickets either. Again, they do take some time to typically show up. I’m not sure why the ticketing does this but it seems it takes a while to be paired in the system. When we bought our tickets last year, I had the same fears but they showed up (long) before we left for our trip.

And in response to your second question, there is no FP+ during parties. It’s not necessary really as most of the crowds are seeing shows, parades, fireworks, and getting candy so the lines for attractions relatively low.

@gubnet our tickets just showed up today so I would imagine yours will too shortly if they haven’t already.

I bought my tickets the morning they were released and they just showed up on my itinerary this morning. =)

Yay…mine are now showing on my MDE, you were all correct and very knowledgeable that it just takes a few days. need to learn to be more patient!!