Halloween in the world?

Anything special in the world on Halloween day/night other than MNSSHP? Planning a possible HS day, no MNSSHP and wondered about costumes and trick or treating with DS7 and DD2 Halloween night?

When we were at AKL last Halloween, there was a special trick-or-treat around the resort and a meet and greet with Mickey (or maybe it was Donald...I can't remember). Not sure if all of the resorts do this, but it seemed like a nice way to celebrate without going to MNSSHP.

Kenny the Pirate posted about going around to the resorts to meet some of the characters. It may be earlier afternoon/evening, but here's the post: http://kennythepirate.com/2013/11/07/characters-at-walt-disney-world-resorts-for-halloween-2013/

I've also read about people trick or treating at Fort Wilderness.