Halloween In-Room Celebration

Was so excited to order (and prepared to spend the $$) on the Halloween In-Room “Spooktacular” package. Called today, only to find out that what was pictured and described was last year’s package and the items have now changed (and last year’s package just sold out).

Seems they replaced some very fun items (Haunted Mansion night light, a 22-inch Mickey and Minnie with ears/headband) with some cheap or dumb substitutes (vinyl window cling eyeballs; a 10-inch felt bat(?!). Sooooo disappointed! :frowning:

Oh no! That’s so disappointing. They should at least have Disney-themed things!

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I’m thinking of calling back to see if I can create my own Halloween “package” with some things I like from the original package plus some more useful/Disney items. The idea of coming back to the room after MNSSHP and surprising the kids is what I’m trying to accomplish. But something tells me they won’t let you purchase the candelabra outside the $$ deal.