Halloween Horror Nights - Thursday Night


Just wanted your thoughts on whether I should buy an express pass for Halloween Horror Nights on Thursday, Sept 25. Having never been to HHN, I am not sure how crowded the houses will be. Any advice? I would like to be able to see all houses, but don't care much about riding any of the rides.


We have been the past 4 yrs and on different nights at different times of the year and have had the express pass and wouldn't trade it for ANY thing. The lines are crazy busy and long. It was worth it to us to have it! Just all depends how much tolerance u have waiting in lines and around wild and crazy acting drunk people!


If you are staying onsite do you get an express pass for HHN?


There was a time when you could go to HNN on an off-peak night and see all the houses without Express, but now it's a lot harder. Look up the HHN touring plans I posted on the Touringplans blog last fall. Bottom line, it should be doable on a Thurs in Sept, but you must be at the park at least 45 min before the even starts and head straight to the most popular houses in the 1st minutes after opening. Better yet, do stay&scream so you get a jump on the general public.


Free express included with hotels is NOT VALID during HHN.


Darn, I was hoping to go but express is really expensive. How long are typical waits with/without pass?


Between 30 min and 2+ hours! depending on the time of night. Like I said, it can be done without passes, but you must have a good plan and stick to it.


Another reason we splurge on the express pass is it allows us time to LOOK at everything before it gets dark and to get a feel for what's going on around u. HHN for us is not just about the houses but the scare zones and the characters and the music and ALL the details. Knowing we have the pass kinda lets us move at our own pace and not feel rushed. Have you ever been before?


Thanks for the advice! I just bought our tickets and the express pass. I am getting excited. Only two more weeks til we go!


I'll be looking here for your update! We don't go tell Oct 23rd.