Halloween Horror Nights 2017 - who's going? (besides me... lol)

If your in the park they will coral you in one of three holding areas. A few minutes before the gate opens your holding area will release and you can head to the houses. https://orlandoinformer.com/universal/halloween-horror-nights-2017/ and https://hhnunofficial.com/ are two great planning sites for HHN. OI should have their TP up any day. I strongly recommend following it.

https://www.hhncrypt.com/single-post/2017/09/01/Official-Halloween-Horror-Nights-Orlando-2017-Map-Revealed. It looks like the Hello Kitty holding area is your best bet for a jump on the SAW house. There is very little shade there soooo.

I honestly think that just walking around and experiencing it will also be a lot of fun.

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Thanks for all the links!!!

I think your approach sounds like a ton of fun! I hope we have time to step into DA and finally see it a night. Its unlikely as we are commandoing this thing!


I would recommend underwear. May be more comfortable. :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry. I had to…

No worries, no undies! “In out there and I’m loving it”

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Going to first HHN on 2/23, have signed up for passholder early entry…anyone else going? How early do ppl show up, and are the snacks good?

Definitely eat a good meal before you go! Long lines eat into your night quickly. Same for beverages, purchase at a cart with cash as opposed to the “full size” bar stands.

Use the OI link I posted in a previous post for recommendations on pass holder entry. The bottom line is you want to be a head of the crowd at the gate not behind it. Enjoy!

Ok, was just trying to snack a bit as there are paid lite snacks at AP early entry and free light snacks at RIP tour. Also, I was wondering when shows start. The RIP tour includes a Bill n Ted show, but not the Academy of Villains. Would love to know when things start so I can fit everything in! Wonder why these things aren’t listed on any website. Also OI doesn’t have their touring plan yet…will they develop after first night, or in anticipation of first night?

Any other AP-ers going on 2/21?

I hope their plan is soon! Still trying to figure out which holding area we want. I don’t know how the pass holder stuff works and just skim it when checking the site. Have a scream of a night!

I’m going for my first HHN Sunday 9/24! Going with 2 friends, it’s everybody’s first time.

Reporting back that the RIP was awesome. We went to front of line, no waiting in line. Instead, had heavy hors d’oeuvres before touring with a free water ($ for EtOH), private potty stops and bars for more EtOH if desired (I mostly needed water as it had been a hot day and for some reason screaming seems to make my mouth dry!). Also dessert snacks afterwards. Bill n Teds included, and got back for last showing of Academy of Villains. Also took us thru all the scare zones and we went backstage several places to gain entry (saw Hogwarts express between parks). Well worth the price, especially after seeing the lines and even with express pass would have been long lines (which is 1/2 the price). Might be pricey though if you had a large group.

FYI I did Shining and Fallen out of the Finnegan’s Bar holding area before getting to my 7:15 RIP departure at La Bamba (got there around 6:50-7pm and ate some snacks)

Favorite houses were Scarecrow (last room!), Shining (I got little lost amongst the mirrors), Fallen (cool new effect with bungee), and Dead Waters (the initial set with the paddleboat was just well done).


So we decided at resort check in to do the RIP tour instead of EP. Ticket counter refunded the EP and applied it to the RIP cost. Ron our guide was amazing! We stopped before each maze and he gave a bit of background on each one. Six total in our party made it very intimate and enjoyable. Nicely paced with plenty of beer stops. Now we are spoiled!

Were you able to “do everything”?

Everything! We spent about 20 minutes in Lombards, stopped at a couple of bars. (One group hit up Men in Black) and still had an hour left in the night to just wander.

Are you thinking about giving it a shot!?!

I bought the couple tickets and expresses passes. I considered just getting myself a ticket but I think a few people talked me out of it.

Question for @brerbeer and anyone else who has been multiple times. Do the lines for the haunted houses tend to drop off a bit toward the close of the event? I am typically a person who stays until the end of things. I will be the last one leaving the theme parks every night, and while most people live for the coveted empty Main Street in the morning at Disney World picture, I have an empty Main Street at night picture because we were the last people leaving once. I plan on staying until the very end of HHN, and I’m staying at HRH, so I’m not concerned about leaving with a flood of people. Will the lines for the houses drop off a bit in the last hour or so before the end of the event?