Halloween At The Magic Kingdom

Hello everyone

This year, we are planning on visiting The Magic Kingdom on Halloween. We have attended holiday events both at WDW and DLR but never ON the actual holiday. I have read some pretty foreboding articles about attending on the actual night of Halloween but I was wondering if any of you had done this and what your experience was? We’re not newbies to to Disney parks so we don’t need to make sure we get to every single attraction plus we will have at least one more full day at the Magic Kingdom during our trip (if not more than one). Any thoughts or stories would be appreciated so I know what I’m getting myself into!

You will purchase tickets to MNSSHP?

Yes ma’am!

Sounds like a blast! You know it will be sold out- so you will plan accordingly! Of course you will need costumes! I would expect both parades to be crowded so I would plan to watch the one that works best with my schedule. Will you try to do the meet and greets?

Yes, I’ve heard the stories of it selling out quickly and obviously some good costumes are a MUST! :slight_smile:

I would imagine most of our time would be spent waiting for fireworks, the parade, and the Hocus Pocus show (which is a must do for us). I would like to get some meet and greets in but I’m never sure what to be hopeful for. I don’t plan on wasting the evening for Jack and Sally
We were expecting a nightmare during the Christmas party and the lines weren’t AS bad as we expected but it was also in November so that makes a difference. I’m a habitual OVER budgeter lol I plan for way more time to do things than is probably necessary.

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I do not do the meet and greets so I can always do what I want. I think that is what derails your plans- but that is just my opinion.