Half Day (PM) Options for 27 Dec

Early planning going on at the moment.

We transfer from UOR after lunch on 27 December for a 10 day stay on site at CSR/Poly. Time is flexible but we do plan to spend a full morning at UOR before transferring.

Whilst we are hitting all of the parks more than once during our 10 day stay I wondered what people might do on 27 Dec by way of park visit? The parks will of course be busy but I wondered where we might get best value for our time that first day.

I wondered if it’s worth grabbing a VQ for Guardians in the morning and saving it for PM? Or stacking LL? We couldn’t expect a VQ for Tron to last into the PM if we snagged an early group.

Any thoughts?

I would go to Epcot and catch some of the storytellers around World Showcase. They will finish on the 30th so you won’t have as long to see them as other Christmassy stuff.

And then you could use your VQ and some stacked LLs for the evening.,

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