Hagrids lockers

I am reading that there are 2 different sets of lockers for Hagrids, is that correct? I am also reading that the second set is less busy. Can anyone explain where they are, any chance they can be missed if we purposely go past the first set? Arriving March 7 for early entry and I expect Hagrid’s to be insane if it is back open as planned ( fingers crossed!). We will need a back pack ( traveling with 3 kids) and I am trying to minimize the amount of precious time it will take to secure a locker first thing in the morning. Any tips would be appreciated!

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Hagrids has two sets of lockers. The first is next to the Hogwarts Express engine, and the other is near Dervish and Bangs. If you are going early entry, they set up an extended queue into the Lost Continent. In my experience, they held people in the extended, and slowly released them to the locker areas to store their items. People were directed to one of either locker area.

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I have found this to be true. The first set of lockers is right next to the model / photo op for HE where the conductor meets. This is to the right of the ride entrance.

To the left of the ride entrance is the second set of lockers. It’s not hard to find!

However, like most things in theme parks the majority of people follow whomever is in front of them - like lemmings! When everyone else stops at the first set of lockers - you keep walking to the other side of the ride entrance!

If you have a second adult to watch the kids while one adult deals with the lockers this will be best!

(This applies to all the lockers at Universal!! It’s such a pain when a family of 4 all stand around the single locker and block all access for others!!)

There are no metal detectors, but you can’t take any bags or carry-on with you. You can have your phone in your pocket.


We ended up rope dropping hagrids - arrived at 710, fast walked to the ride after getting stuck behind a family who were having ticket issues, and we were off by 830. Only 1 set of lockers were open and they were directing everyone to the same section unfortunately but we were ready and took no more than 45 seconds to drop our stuff and get back into line.