Hagrid's: How is it?

Who’s been on Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure?

How does it compare to FJ/EfG?

TP still has it at 140+ minutes for my trip (Mid Nov) & I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be worth that wait no matter what. :confused:

It’s brilliant. Very different to FJ/EFG, I couldn’t compare. Shortest waits are at RD - meaning getting there at least an hour before RD, 90 mins would be better - around 1pm, or if you catch it reopening after it’s been down.


Absolutely worth the wait! My impatient 7 year old was happy to wait a second time to ride. We hopped in line around 1:00 on two different days when the wait was posted at 120 minutes and ended up waiting more like an hour each time. The line offered plenty to see and the ride is one of the coolest I’ve been on.


Agree with others it’s totally worth the wait and the wait times are very inflated still. I went 3 times, it said 120 minutes for all, and waited 45, 60 and 80 minutes. It’s hands down my favorite ride at any park. Not only is it a different type of coaster ride because of the faux motorcycle, the theming is also really great! I’d compare it to parts of Escape from Gringotts where you are moving and not just sitting still, and without all the screens and CGI, all the scenes are real/animatronics on Hagrids.


I agree with everyone else. It is awesome and wait times were a lot shorter then posted when we were there in august

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I’m a total line snob, and I think it’s definitely worth the wait once or twice. There are some interesting & different elements that are worth experiencing. My friends went back for a second RD day on a Monday (CL 3 or 4, but CL doesn’t seem to play into the line lengths), and arrived 30 minutes before RD and waited another 45 minutes inside the park so that seems like a very reasonable strategy to avoid the longer lines.


I’ll be making my DH stand in line then. Hopefully, the times are inflated.

We went to DA a month and a half after it opened and only had to wait about 40 mins for Gringotts. Here’s hoping!

Hopefully they can get rid of the bees. :confused:

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Currently the ride is closed indefinitely until they can get rid of the bees that are swarming.

Well, that sucks. I’ve got over a month, so hopefully they iron it out by then.

I was there last week, and I basically got in line for it every time they allowed it (which was not that frequently). Got in with 20 min (right after reopening), 50 min (posted 120) and 90 min (posted 120). I had an unlimited express pass and still felt that standing in line for Hagrid’s repeatedly was the best use I could make of my time, I was that into it.

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We were there a few days ago, and the ride was closed for a day and a half because of the bees. We were so happy it opened just before we had to leave for the airport. I would definitely stand in a line for it…even a 140 min line. It’s nothing like FJ and Gringotts…basically no screens in this ride. 10/10 from every person in my group.


My love for it came from the fact that is the perfect coaster for my thrill preferences. Very fast, a lot of launches, twists and turns, but (almost) no drops, no inversions, no feelings of stomach being left behind. The theming was nice, but even though I am a HP fan I would probably love it 90% as much if it didn’t have any theming.


Could you not use your Express Pass for it?

I just reread this. What do you mean RD at 1pm?

RD, at 1pm, or if you catch it after it’s been down.

To answer your other question, Hagrid’s doesn’t accept Express Pass at this time.

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LOL, sorry. Missed that comma.

It was written confusingly because of the clarification in the middle, my bad.

I notice that the expected, real wait time are mostly flat throughout the day. Hopefully, touring plans will be able to fine-tune that with time. Before we go in February.