Hagrids and Disability pass

If I have my disability card ( new process effective 7/24, yes I heard lol), and we get a return time for Hagrids, do they put your party in single rider line since there’s no Exp pass? We will be at park after 1pm. Theres 4 of us. I read elsewhere thst single rider line you dont get motorcycle side but there’s 4 of us- I doubt they put each of us in 4 different side cars…? If so I rather wait in the regular qeue near closing etc.
Hagrids line is always going to have some kind of long wait anyways even with a pass! How long should we expect to wait with a pass?

My teen and I were just there in June. We had their “gold” attraction assistance pass which enabled us to go to Hagrids and secure a return time equivalent to the current stand by time. When we returned, a TM escorted us backwards through the exit and onto the ride. We were able to choose which of us would ride the motorbike and which would ride the side car. There are different levels of the assistance passes, so be sure to ask the TM at each attraction for the procedure for that particular ride with your specific pass.


This is what I’ve experienced too.

No. The entrance to the attraction has two parallel lines: one is the main line (left-hand side) the other is for everything else. The second line splits later on into single rider and other: your pass is checked at this point. Single riders then enter the show building at a different place to other. Your group will be kept together and will ride together.

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This has been my experience too. Originally, they sent us through the line next to the main entrance, but that ended a while ago. They have been sending us through the exit for the last year or so.

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