Hacienda de san angel for illuminations

Anyone ever watch illuminations while dining here? I was able to get a 7pm reservation and if we can wait for a window seat how is it? Shoo just take the kids to another restaurant earlier and watch illuminations from outside for a better experience??

I love LH, but my recommendation is always to eat first and watch after. Too many variables and too few window seats.

Wife and I ate at LH for Illuminations and had an table in the middle of the dining room. While a window seat would have been better, ours wasn’t bad. (Plus, we didn’t have to stake out a place beforehand!) Not every seat would be as good, though. I’d definitely ask for a window seat when I checked in at the podium.

What I enjoyed was that the lights were dimmed and the music was played in the restaurant. The whole place came to an (almost) standstill. While everyone was watching out the windows. Our server didn’t interrupt us, but was in a visible, yet out of the way place, if we needed her. About the only thing that was happening was food being delivered to surrounding tables. For Illuminations, I’d recommend it.

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