H&V 6:10 to Fantasmic 8:00

We have H&V seasonal dining res at 6:10. Will we make it to Fantasmic on time for 8:00 show? It’s our first time. What time do people start lining up, and will we get in? It’s on Tuesday nov. 13. I’m debating switching to a H&V lunch on Thursday and cancelling Sci fi dine in. We enjoyed Sci fi, but I can’t afford to do everything and I thought the kids would like the characters. They only eat nuggets, corn dogs, Mac and cheese and ice cream - so food is not really the priority as long as they are happy.

You might make it. But if your kids want to see all the characters, you likely won’t be out before 7:15 at the earliest. The line for Fantasmic usually starts at least an hour before.

I would see if you can change and book the Fantasmic dining package. You’ll have to eat earlier, usually the last time for Dining is 2.5 hrs before the show, but you can arrive 20-30minutes before and go straight to your seats. There will be a bit of a wait but at least you know there will be seats for you, and it beats lining up for an hour or more.


Ok, thank you. No seats for the dining package right now but I’ll keep looking!