Guys, the Lilly Pulitzer merch

I’m normally stingy on merch. I have a few tees bought on sale, a couple of pre-arrival discount magic bands, like 4 pins. I think I’ve paid full disney parks pricing for exactly two pieces of merch (aside from the pins): the Yeti spirit jersey and some AK ears.

But then they sneak-released a Lilly Pulitzer collection. And now the scalpers have bought it all. I just want that brightly colored Mickey tee. I live in a Southern beach town. Bright colors look good on me. Lilly runs large and is one of the few brands I can still wear in straight sizes.

WHY SCALPERS, WHY?!?!?! Currently considering paying someone to shop for me. Merch miser to person who hires personal shopper for neon tropical tee.

Iceland messed w/ my head, yall.


Ugh. The scalpers truly suck. Maybe they will restock and you can grab it. LP is very southern coastal esque.

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Hate is a strong word but it’s SO F’ing frustrating! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I just saw the wristlet on shopdisney. Love the pattern. Wish I could see the other merch.


I want the Etta shirt and the hat. I hope they release more!

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I live in the Etta shirt like 8 months of the year. I stock up on the semi annual sales.

I want the baseball hat.

ughhh and i need the tumbler for a very high end client i have traveling in oct! it’d be the perfect send off gift for her!

I bought that as soon as I saw it. Nothing was left but that. What I really want is the backpack.

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My mom got the shirt and we both got tumblers at Epcot today. They had lots of stock.