Gutted menus

It appears that Disney has gutted all of the restaurant menus, eliminating in some cases up to 3/4 of the menu selections. Is this permanent, or a change due to the pandemic and reduced attendance? Oh, and they hiked prices again, for food I don’t want to eat. The guide will have to start suggesting restaurants just outside of Disney World so that people can have decent meals and return to the parks.

I’ve heard there is a supply issue in some cases.
There is also the issue of physical distancing in the kitchens.
But also related to the low numbers. If you have a tenth of the diners there is no point in having a full menu available. You would only need a tenth of the usual quantity of everything which may not be economical to order. So you order more of fewer items.


Do you think that Disney plans to keep the changes permanently? If so, my group is going to have to resign ourselves to eating dinner outside of Disney property. Some menus have virtually nothing I can eat, due to medical issues caused by chemo.

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Did chemo change your taste buds. I am almost four years post chemo but some things still are too sweet and salty. I often order kids meals or appetizers.

I would guess only until they are back near full attendance. But old favourites may be replaced and never come back.


I had chemo, radiation and a stem cell transplant for myelodysplastic syndrome within a one week span, so I can’t pin down the source of my taste perception problems to one source. Plus, I keep getting thrush on my tongue. Tomorrow I start another chemo to knock down the multiple myeloma that was not entirely eliminated by the transplant. In any event, at first a lot of food smelled and tasted kind of garbage-y, and now many things are overwhelmingly sweet. The salt issue is less prominent, but hits in the oddest foods. I lived on Carnation Instant Breakfast and strawberry banana smoothies from McDonalds, and for some reason, I can eat BelVita breakfast biscuits. I’m 150 days out from the transplant, and have only been able to eat regular, solid food for about 3 weeks, and maybe 1/2 cup at a time. And my hair is growing back. What an adventure…

I’m setting a goal to go back to DW next spring, if it’s safe. But why go, if I can’t eat the food they’re serving? Kid’s meals are so limited, and not very healthy, but I thought of that option, too.


I did carnation instant breakfast made with milk, a banana and ice cream. I was trying to get calories. I had four rounds of chemo for breast cancer. For about a week after each round I would lose my taste buds. Resse peanut butter cups were gross. I do better now with minitiures because there is greater chocolate ratio. Most Asian food is too sweet.

My eyebrows and eyelashes aren’t the same as before

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For some reason, I can’t eat ice cream. Frozen fruit bars are ok, as long as I get less sweet fruit. I do put a banana, Metamucil, and protein powder in my Instant Breakfast, and use whole milk, since I’ve lost 45 pounds since the end of February. I started out with multiple myeloma five years ago and then developed myelodysplastic syndrome late last year. I had an unrelated donor stem cell transplant on Feb. 29.

I cook a lot of Asian food at home and control the sweetness level. If we order out, I look for items that are not sugary. I drink gallons of V8 juice, which tastes just like V8 juice should. I discovered that ham is too intense at the moment, but I can eat a few bites of other meats. Before I spent 7 weeks in the hospital, I did a lot of cooking and freezing, and have been enjoying the vegetable beef soup I made.

My hair is starting to come back - maybe 1/3 of an inch. I only lost head hair. My eyebrows and eyelashes are ok. However, I start a new chemo tomorrow to try to knock out the 10-15% of myeloma cells that came back after the transplant.


Good luck, fight with all your might.


Good luck with your treatment.

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@littlefield.jan sending you healing thoughts. Be well. :yellow_heart:

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Yeah… most of the menus are now truly the “basics” - Hamburger / chicken nuggets / veggie option.

I’ve been tempted by the low crowds to go, but this is another reason why I’m going to wait. I typically “splurge” on food & drinks when I go to WDW. It’s big part of my trip.

Good luck with your treatment! :smiley:


Sending {{hugs}} and healing thoughts your way @littlefield.jan Hope everything goes well.

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My most sincere thanks to all of you. This has been quite the journey, but I am hopeful and intend to do whatever is necessary to make to my goals.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to dream about (1) leaving the house to go somewhere other than a doctor’s office, and (2) going somewhere that I love, like Disney World. Or maybe Disneyland, since I was only there once when I was a pre-teen, way back in the dark ages.


The reduced dining options, perhaps even more than the requirement to wear a mask full time, is a showstopper for me.

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And when reducing the menu offerings can’t save the place…

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Best wishes on your treatment and please take care of yourself. My sister too is fighting multiple myeloma and I know how difficult the treatments can be. She also had a bone marrow transplant and is now undergoing more chemotherapy. Stay strong…you can beat this!

DH is just old. But not interested in full sized entrees any more. He’s been ordering an appetizer as his main course and sometimes filling up before that’s gone.

Of course, appetizers are limited now as well.

Sending hugs :hugs:

From what I’ve been reading restaurants everywhere are doing the same thing. I remember specifically an article saying that IHOP reduced their 12 pg menu to 2 pgs. I’m assuming that when things pick up again they will go back to partly what they did before, but probably not as extensive a menu. And by “pick up again” I mean in a few yrs.

I read that Cheesecake Factory has also cut it’s 1,000 page menu.

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