Guided Fishing or DisneyQuest

We currently have a guided fishing tour booked but are now debating whether or not we should cancel it and just go to DisneyQuest instead. I have 3 children ages 14, 8, and 6 and we are going mid to late November and staying at the Yacht Club. My DH was going to go to on the fishing tour with my boys (14 & 8) and my DD (6) is scheduled to do the Pirate Adventure Cruise. I have no plans for myself. Any thoughts on this? Should we keep our existing plans and not do Downtown Disney? We're all feeling very conflicted and unfortunately we don't have time to do both.

Well I would say that depends a lot on your family. Would your boys prefer fishing or video games? Is the cost an issue? Not sure which would cost you more. Time wise, DQ will eat up about half a day, and not everything is included with the entry cost so keep that in mind as well.

Thanks for the response! My boys love both fishing and video games. Cost is not an issue but the fishing/cruise would be more (about 220 I think). We were planning on a mostly non-park day heading to Epcot in the evening after dinner. If we do Downtown Disney we'll take a cab because I've heard that the buses are horrible.

Maybe just take a secret ballot vote then? One benefit of going to DTD is that you'll already be there if you want to eat lunch at one of the great restaurants down there without having to make another trip. On the same side as DQ you've got Bongo's, WPE, Planet Hollywood which is going away at some point, House of Blues, and I think they moved rain forest down to that end some years ago. If you booked a package you'll get a discount and free souvenir at PH. I have a little bit of a soft spot for that place though after working there lol.

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The secret ballot is a great idea. Thanks!

I'm also wondering if we should just play it by ear. If they weather looks like it's going to be good then we'll keep the fishing/cruise and just hang out at the pool in the afternoon. But if the weather looks suspect, then we'll go to DQ. The fishing tour and Pirate Cruise both have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

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DQ is showing its age a bit but it is still a lot of fun. VirtualPoC and virtualJC had me giggling like a little girl. There's a lot to do and eat and see in DTD, so I'd leave the fishies be and head to DTD!!

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