Guide to meeting princesses for awkward dads?

Does anything like this exist? So many awkward dads don’t know what to do with themselves.

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It depends, will the kids be there with you? It will be twice as awkward if they aren’t.


I’m the designated autograph book holder. The book is my responsibility and gives me something to do and hold while my daughter is twirling and hugging and doing all the princessy stuff.

When the time for the family photo comes I strike a superman pose but for the name of all things holy do not hoover hand.

It’s painless and usually over within three minutes.


A real Dad will do what ever they can for their little princess, no matter how painful. When my little girl was about 3 I took her to meet Cinderella and Snow White, lucky for me I got to meet my favorite Gus Gus.

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I just watch the kids, say thank you and play along if need be. I minimize my interaction and stay a bit further back. I only pose for pictures if they insist. I either take pictures or do the autograph book. I don’t find it awkward as I’m just enjoying the kids reaction. Although I did find the process awkward when I was younger with just a baby and wife.

I suppose you wouldn’t want to be the guy starring at them would be one obvious thing.

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One of my all time favorite memories was the first time I met Ana and Elsa. It was when they met together. The family before us had a beautiful little princess. She shared the autograph book her dad had made for her with Ana and Elsa- amazing!

Look online for interaction tips for specific characters and be prepared to impress your kids. I don’t know many of them, but at Animal Kingdom my kids brought a Simba stuffed animal and Rafiki held it up like in the beginning of the Lion King, ran around Conservation Station, and came back for photos cradling it. It was awesome. Then we got outside and Chip and Dale did the same thing, which my kids found even more hilarious. Not a princess story, but certain topics will get the princesses chatting more than others… or just stand back and support your kids. It’s all good because you are there.


No direct advice here. The only time my daughter saw any of the princesses, my wife took her.

Actually, truth is, we aren’t big on the character meet and greets to begin with. There is just too much inability to suspend the disbelief…or rather, to get past the knowledge that it is a person just dressing up to play a part…in our family. So there has been little interest.

Having said that, we did have two experiences with our youngest son that are funny…not with princesses though.

First, two years ago (when he was six), we were at HS and took him to see Chewbacca. At first he was hesitant to meet him, but he played along. Once he got up there, he simply asked Chewbacca where he should go to find the Red Light Sabers (since that was his goal for the dial: a red light saber). Of course, Chewbacca being who he was just shrugged and made Chewbacca noises. After a short while of this, my son become frustrated with this, slapped his palm to his forehead and then said, rather loudly, “Oh man, I should have asked someone who can speak English!”

The second happened this past trip to Universal. My wife took my son to meet Spider-Man. When he got up there, my son proceeded to interrogate him on how his webslinger works. Specifically, he wanted to know if it ever doesn’t stick and what happens if the weather is raining, etc. Amazingly (ha! pun intended), Spidey just sat there and explained the concept of surface tension, etc… He had a full two minutes or more discussing it.

So, yeah.


This is the sort of thing I’m looking for. Like what are some in character things you can say or do with the various characters that are fun no matter your age. Obviously the experience is more for the kids but adults should be able to have fun with it too. I know some dads who kinda clam up a bit around the princesses because they don’t want to seem creepy and that just seems really silly to me.

@ryan1 that spiderman story is hilarious

Wow! I didn’t even know this was actually a thing. Here are some interaction tips from Kenny the Pirate.

Aladdin & Jasmine
• Refer to Aladdin as “street rat” and see how he will respond.
• Ask them if you can take a ride on the magic carpet with them.
• Ask Aladdin if you can see the magic lamp of the Genie.
Alice in Wonderland
• Be sure to say “How do you do?” and shake hands.
• Ask Alice what color are her favorite flowers? White
• Tell Alice that today is your Unbirthday!
Anastasia and Drizella
• Ask one of Cinderella’s Step Sisters to sing.
• Ask the Step Sisters which is the pretty one.
• If they are at the side of the castle, ask the stepsisters when Cindy will be arriving.
Anna and Elsa
• Ask them if they would like to build a snowman.
• Show them some of your best snowman photos.
• Ask if Olaf’s hugs really are warm.
• Offer Ariel a new Dinglehopper fork.
• Ask Ariel if you can become a mermaid.
• When posing with Ariel, ask if she will make a “fishy face”
• Ask Aurora if she likes to takes naps.
• Ask Aurora what her favorite dress color is.
• Ask her if Philip is a good kisser.
• Ask Baloo to demonstrate how to use the claw to pick a pear so you do not prick yourself.
• Bring a plastic pear to offer him as a gift.
• Tell him you have been working hard and need him to demonstrate how to get the Bare Necessities.
• Always great Belle with a hearty “Bonjour.”
• Ask Belle for a book recommendation.
• Ask Belle what book she is currently reading.
Buzz Lightyear
• Tell Buzz he is a toy…a T. O. Y. toy!
• Ask Buzz if you can push his reset button.
Captain Hook
• Stand behind Captain Hook and go tick tock, tick tock or call him a codfish.
• If he is alone, ask him where Mr. Smee is.
• Show him Peter Pan, Wendy or Tinker Bell’s signatures.
Chip n Dale
• Ask Chip/Dale if they are squirrels, gophers or rats.
• Ask Chip/Dale which one are you.
• Ask Chip/Dale who has the better dance moves.
• Offer her a shoelace to keep those shoes on her feet.
• Offer to trade her one of your shoes for her glass slipper.
• Ask her how Gus and Jaq are doing.
Cruella de Vil
• Tell her fur is so out of fashion
• Propose marriage to Daisy or ask for a kiss.
• Tell her she does not need Donald, she can have you.
• Ask Donald where Mickey is.
• Ask Donald why he doesn’t have as much stuff in the parks as Mickey.
• Ask Donald why he doesn’t wear pants.
Dug and Russell
• Ask Russell where Kevin is. Point and shout Squirrel to Dug.
• Tell Dug that you do not like the Cone of Shame.
• Show Russell your Wilderness Explorer call. Caw, caw, Roar.
• Ask Eeyore where his tail is.
• Show Eeyore your muscles.
• Tell Eeyore “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there.”
Evil Queen
• Always bow to the Queen
• She doesn’t like smiles
• Ask her if she feels she is more beautiful than Snow White
• Ask him if he is an ant. When he nods yes, ask him where the other two legs went.
Flynn Rider
• Ask him to see what is in his “purse”.
• Ask him to show you the smolder
• Ask him how many frying pan hits the human head can take.

Full credit goes to:


Oh…key dad thing to do: Whip out your phone and video the entire interaction. You won’t feel awkward at all that way, and it makes you look like an involved dad rather than an awkward dad. :slight_smile:

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They are college girls in bad bridesmaids’ dresses who have been through a reeducation program that would make most communist regimes jealous. Pretend they’re your son’s latest girlfriend. Smile. Shake hands. Say it’s nice to meet you. And then take a back seat so your DD can absorb the magic…

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If your wife will be there keep your head down and hands in plain view. Don’t speak unless spoken to and keep any answers short.