Guest Relations was our least favorite WDW "ride"

Just got back from a great 4 day trip, but wanted to share a couple frustrations and tips with MDE, G+, LL. It quickly became a group joke that Guest Relations was our least favorite ride.

  1. Tip: check that using your magic bands for payment is working immediately after activating them.
    We used Mobile check in at our resort hotel, and then went to the front desk to authorize payments with our MagicBands. The CM said we were all set and helped us set a pin, but when we got to the park the next day, it wasn’t working. Had to go to EC Guest Relations to fix it, and we asked CM to check it this time before we left. (Also, the CM at the Guest Relations kiosks were not able to help with this, so we had to go to the main one in EC and stand in a longer line.)

  2. Tip: Have ALL parties connect with each other in MDE.
    At 7am, Iogged into MDE to reserve our G+, LL but at the time selection screen for the rides, the app just kept spinning. Shut down app, restarted Wi-Fi, etc, but it kept spinning for me. So, DH logged in and he was not having the same issue and could reserve the ILL, but we realized he wasn’t connected with one of the teenage members of our group! And therefore he couldn’t reserve all the passes that we needed. So, that didn’t work either. Eventually my app started working again.

  3. Tip: Keep an eye on your My Disney Genie Day. Our seven $15 RoR ILL passes just disappeared from the app.! We had 3 pm reservations and we noticed that they disappeared at around 11 am. Even the CM at Guest Relations was stumped. In the CM’s system, the ILL looked as if they were redeemed already. CM gave us ride anytime passes, which was great, but still had to walk to Guest Relations and stand in line (there is no guest relations in GE).

  4. No tip on this one: We were able to get into AK as planned, but once inside, our tickets were showing as expired and we were not able to use G+ / ILL. The Guest Relations CM said “IT has been here all morning” because it was happening across the park. This was on our last day, and they only had 2 people working at the front Guest Relations office. I was so “over it” by this time!

Overall, we had a great time and packed in a lot thanks to Touring Plans! I got to ride my fave ToT and we all looooved GoG. :slight_smile:


Welcome! Thanks for sharing.


Welcome to the forum!

Funny, NOT funny thread title. We always joked that our first line was ME or checkin at the resort. One of many lines on a Disney vacation, but GS is usually not one of choice.


Thanks! I’ve been a TP member for several trips but had never posted before. :slightly_smiling_face:


That all sounds very frustrating, I’m sorry. Glad it was still a great trip though!


We had very similar problems. Every time we had it “resolved” something else would come up. Cms were helpful and friendly but I tried to explain to them that I had heard “The problem is solved” from every cm before them so it was hard to believe any of them.


Yikes! Thanks for the info on these issues.

Do all members of the party have to go to guest relations or can one person take care of issues for everyone in the group?

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Only one person needs to go. (which was me lol) They were able to look everyone in our party up by scanning my Magic Band, because I was connected to all.

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So, is MagicMobile a good backup if you have MB issues? I haven’t been to WDW since 2018 so a lot has changed.


Yes, absolutely. We used that until we got the bands authorized (again) for purchases. And, DD forgot her band one day and she used MM instead and it worked well.


I had all kinds of problems on my first trip with it - I now take screenshots of all the confirmation pages on my phone. It’s very stressful.


:pensive::smiling_face_with_tear:. So frustrating!

Just back, we are DVC members. We invited family to join us. I had everyone on ME, everyone’s magic bands worked….except I was the only one who could use it to charge back to room. Went to front desk, round and round….assured if they used my password all would be ok….wrong! Thank heavens for iPhones wallet so people had something to pay with when couldn’t charge back to room. Never did get a straight answer and we were there for 16 days!
I took a screen shot of every dining, LL, and ILL booked. We did spend time with the blue umbrella folks, but not bad…they were very helpful and cleared issues. But, one has to stand in line to get to them
I’m not a fan of any of the recent changes…25 year DVC member and this was by far my most frustrating trip trying to resolve issue after issue….
Glad you had a good time despite the issues….we did too!


Welcome to the forum and for sharing your experience. I’m glad Disney IT didn’t take a good experience away.

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I can feel your pain! I think taking screen shots is good advice.

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