Guest Relations hours

Does anyone happen to know the hours of guest relations outside the parks? I renewed my AP a couple of months ago and need to get it activated before entering any park. We are going in June and arrive 9ish in the evening. Epcot is open till 10 so if everything runs smooth like, plane is early, no wait for DME, and all other stars align I am thinking I may be able to make it there not long after Epcot closes. Just don’t know how long the Guest Relations outside the park will stay open past close. For that matter would I even be able to get thru security past close?

Trying to avoid a longer line the next morning at MK

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You won’t be able to enter after park close…but yes GS does stay open until then. You can try GS outside the parks. They open about an hour prior to posted park opening in the mornings.

GS at Disney Springs should be open until 11 or so.

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In order to get to the GS outside the parks you have to go thru security check. Will the one in DS be able to activate an AP?

I activated in DS the evening before our first park day. So that’s an option as well.

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Perfect that is probably the best solution, thanks

Do note there are two different locations in Disney Springs, but only one of them actually does the activations, etc. It is the Disney Ticket Center, not technically Guest Relations, which is nearby, but not the same.

It looks like the Disney Ticket Center closes at 9:00.

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That is the one I was thinking of going to. Well 9pm wont work

The one circled in green is the Ticket Center. Red is the Welcome Center/Guest Relations.

So, yeah…probably won’t work for you.

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Oh well thanks for your help anyway. Looks like I will have to do it the morning of my first park day.

Is that true of the IG?

I don’t know since things were shifted around, but I thought GS was off to the left of the security checks.

Is the International Gateway an option? I assume it would be open until park close and it is inside security but outside the actual tap-in.

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IG you can access the restroom but need to go thru security to get to GS

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There seems to be very short lines ( or no line) at ticket booths and they can activate tickets. I think the lines at ticket booths are shorter than normal b/c ppl have to make a park reservation b4 they go to the park and making a reservation req a ticket. I always wonder why ppl are in ticket lines right now? And ticket booth lines are always shorter than GS lines right now


Most people in the ticket lines will either be activating tickets, upgrading or collecting the plastic card tickets if they don’t have magic bands.


Oh TY, makes sense and supports why those lines are so short right now.