Guardians of the galaxy meet n greet?

I saw something on a site after this movie came out about a meet n greet . Anyone seen this or were they crazy. My kids love this movie so hopefully it’s true!

Yes, it’s in HS, in the back of One Man’s Dream.

Thank you for sharing! I contacted WDW via chat yesterday and CM told me you couldn’t meet GotG people, but I had thought I read that you could too. My teenagers will be so excited.

It’s Starlord and baby Groot.

Do u know how long it will be there? We r not going until Christmas ( November/December) . Hope it’s still there them

There’s currently not an end date announced that I’m aware of but my guess is that it will be ended by that time and replaced by characters from Coco. If I had to place a bet, that’s where my money would be. They frequently change that meet and greet space to be for their current movie in theaters.

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I was just about to say the same.

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I’m hoping for my kids sake it’s still there