Guardians of the Galaxy for Kids

Is Guardians of the Galaxy a good idea for an 8 year old?

  • Should be good to go for an 8 year old who loves Space Mountain.
  • Too intense for an 8 year old.
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There was a recent Facebook post asking about whether GotG was okay for a 5 year old, and many people said their 5 year olds passed out from the force of the ride. :astonished: I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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Um. If their child passes out on this ride, they have something else wrong with them. The G forces are quite low by coaster standards.


That’s good to hear. One person said she had to hold her kid’s head up the rest of the ride, which sounded pretty alarming. You would think if there were so many people having an awful experience, there would be a warning or an age restriction.


Have you ridden GOTG yet?

I’m 68, and GOTG is my favorite ride! It is soooo smooth, unlike SM. When I last rode it 4 years ago, I decided I didn’t need to subject myself to that rough ride unless I’m with friends or family.


If your kid likes Space Mountain, GOTG will be no pro blem! Love it so much!


I think it depends on how timid or not the kid is. My youngest daughter first rode when she was 5 1/2 and loved it. My then-9 year old who is much more timid was very reluctant but after she rode it once, loved it too! Went back 3 months later and 9 year old was again acting terrified - until she rode and remembered she loved it. It’s all of our favorite ride now. Here is a pic of my daughters and their friend on our last trip in December in which they made an art of working their way to be first to the final queue portion:

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My DS8 likes coasters (and will ride large ones at our local park). He really liked Space, but GOTG blew him away. He said it was his favorite and was sad he only rode it once!

I regret not taking DS4 on it - he was just tall enough though so I was nervous. He will be 7 when we go back and it will be a family experience, for sure.


My 7 and 9 year olds rode it last August - albeit hesitantly. Once they decided to try it they liked it! The most intense part for them was the inversion/twist thing at the end of the initial launch.

To me, it’s much more intense that Space but MUCH smoother and because of that a more enjoyable ride experience overall.


My DD6 loved it and rode multiple times. I think most kids will love it. A select few will get motion sickness, but mostly older riders, IMO. I’m surprised that there were multiple people saying their kids passed out. :thinking:


My youngest had just turned 6 when she rode it and also loved it, as did her 8-year old sister. As others have said, it is much smoother than Space and in my opinion less intimidating because you can see so much more. I get motion sick on some of the rougher coasters, but have not had any problems with this one. Definitely worth trying for a coaster-loving 8-year-old.


I resemble that remark!

But nothing that a little Meclizine can’t fix! I plan to ride it twice a week from today. Hopefully I will keepy stomach contents intact! :grin:


This kind of thing really varies from child to child. My 6 and 8 year old love Guardians now, but DS6 wasn’t always a coaster lover. DS6 hated SDD when he was 4, skipped it when he was 5, but tried it again at age 6 and loved it. We didn’t consider having him ride Guardians until he liked SDD and BTM.

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