Grrr - Southwest (and other General Aviation Rants)

Oh my bad! I thought you WERE talking southwest! Oops! Carry on

I was.

I have direct flights from Philly to MCO this weekend, and one of my flights dropped in price so I now have a credit.

Moving forward, their schedue only has a couple of direct flights on Saturdays…that is it. All other days have at least one stop.

Southwest has taken almost all the direct flights to & from Philly off their schedule (I am also flying to Ohio and Indiana in next 8 months and no direct ones there either).

$71 credit and no where to use it!

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You can get gift cards in exchange for your SW rewards points. Not sure whats available for the amount of points you have because the exchange rate isnt as good as it would be if you were getting a flight but maybe better than the points going to waste. Not much disney related these days but I have seen Landrys gift card which you could use for some lunch at Yak&Yeti? Just a thought…i also hate the idea of wasted/unused points. They used to have good stuff like disney gift cards and universal day passes.

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My son is going to Disney at the end of the month. He had Southwest credits to use. We got AP’s so he just needed a room. He had a cancelled Disney trip and a cancelled wedding trip. I gave up my credit. It would have to be used by mid February. It would cost me more than it’s worth to use it.

I think I will fly American. I want to book for the epic liner meet. American has direct flights. Their flight plus one bag is the same as Southwest with early bird.