Grrr - Southwest (and other General Aviation Rants)

I have been checking the Southwest site periodically so I can book my tickets for July.

My TSA Precheck KTN came through today so I went to the site to add it to my account. While there I checked again for July … and it is finally able to book flights.


Not one direct flight in either direction (Philly to MCO or MCO to Philly), except on Saturdays.


There weren’t any announcements about the change that I could find, and if you do a search a Southwest page pops up touting 2 non-stops every weekday and 5 on Saturdays!

Apparently they need to update the website!

I will probably end up on American since I would prefer to not spend almost twice as long traveling than I have to!


I really don’t like them so much anymore. I don’t like having to checkin 24 hours early on the dot or I’m in C group and sitting between two strangers. I also think boarding the plane from the front to the back is illogical. I want to know where I’m sitting even if that means paying more. This last flight I asked the FA about alcohol and she said with attitude “didn’t you hear the announcement about shortages”. I asked about food because it’s been a bit and with attitude she says “we’ve never had food”. I can fly the equivalent of first class (it’s just first class sized seats, not free alcohol) on Spirit for the same price with one checked bag which is fine for me and get food and alcohol. And the FA have always been nice to me so far. We have lots of choices for direct flights from Austin luckily because I only fly direct if it’s an option.

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Southwest has really declined in this pandemic. We have very very few nonstops left out of MHT and many itineraries now have two stops between here and MCO which is insane. Flying out of BOS with Southwest is not better.

We are looking at JetBlue again for spring. We had great flights in November and while I would rather not drive an hour when MHT is literally in my back yard, I also don’t want to take eight years and eleventy billion dollars to reach my destination.


I was thinking the same thing. A 2.5 hour trip should not take 5 or 6 hours

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They seem to always have the best flights out of PHL. Probably because they own the airport.

But I’ve been hearing more people using Frontier and having a good experience. But one drawback is since American has the best depart times, there really isn’t the best options with Frontier. Depart time is either before 8am or after 3pm.

Can you park at Logan? I prefer MHT and PVD because the parking is so convenient but I switched to Logan and JetBlue. I am close enough to take an Uber or preschedule a taxi/car service. When JetBlue cancels your direct flight out of Logan to MCO there are multiple nonstops to change to.

Yes. We parked right in the garage, steps from the entrance, and one level up from bag check-in. It was not cheap, but it wasn’t inconvenient either.

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I haven’t considered that. I know there is no parking at peak times (there are usually signs up on the highways leading up to school vacation weeks) but I might do that in July.

At BOS? No parking? That is bizarre.

Let me say we did make a reservation weeks in advance. Visit the site and you can see how to do that.


I have had to switch almost exclusively to BOS. I much prefer flying out of PVD or BDL, but lately the cheapest flights and best times are out of Boston. The others with both JetBlue and Southwest are more expensive and at 6:30 am departure or arrival at 11:30pm - and I’m too old for that!

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This is extremely dissapointing and I hope it does not stay that way. I have exclusively used SWA for our flights. If I can not take long weekend trips going direct and I cant leave on Friday with my kids on a direct flight I will be forced to send my loyalties elsewhere. Time to look for a new rewards credit card too.


I received an amazing JetBlue credit card last December. I think it was a total if 110,000 points (60k plus 50k). The points don’t go as far as the SW points but it does get you a free checked bag and 50% off onboard purchases (?).


Unfortunatley Jet Blue does not offer direct flights from PHL at all so not an option. Wish they did because I know people who love them. Looks lile American, frontier, and spirit. Not sure about american but frontier amd spirit dont make me very excited about travel


As a Spirit employee, I like hearing about competitive pricing and friendly staff.


Unfortunately, Spirit is >$100 more round trip from Philly than American so they didn’t make the list of options.

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Have you had much experiece with american airlines? Never flown them before.

Already today DS’s Girlfriend’s flight time has changed.
And then changed back.
Good thing not a lot else is going on today.
She has a five hour layover in BWI. I really hope her late flight out of BWI doesn’t get messed with. She is already stressed out and has no one in that area to support her if that flight dies.

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Most recently dd & I flew down to Tampa on American… on separate flights in September. My flight had zero issues, dd’s was delayed by one hour, but fine otherwise.

Dd has been flying a mixture of United and American to Dayton, Cincinnati, and Chicago over the last two months. So far nothing was cancelled or delayed and she has had positive experiences.

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Spirit likes Austin. My base ticket prices are like $30 but I do boost it and was choosing exit row seating. This time I chose the big seat with only two in a side for $60 extra each way. But if I wanted to fly with just a backpack I could do it for like $70 with Spirit. We also have Frontier but though it’s the same tower and runways it’s a different airport 10-15 min drive apart. I actually like our Frontier/Allegiant airport better because it’s tiny and and you can park right next to it for $7/night but I screwed up last summer when Frontier cancelled my flight on one end and replaced it with SWA which then I am flying in and out of two diff airports so I had to get car service. They technically have a shuttle but our flight came in at like 11pm so I doubted it would still be operating. My only complaint about Spirit vs SWA was this last time there was a 40 min line for Spirit to drop off your bag at MCO. I haven’t had that happen with SWA.

The round trip on Spirit from Philly for my July trip (flying mid-week) was over $450. Far more than the costs for your flights! :upside_down_face:

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