Group travel for singles

Hello all. Recently single and looking for groups to travel with or to meet up at the parks. My Ex was pretty blah to the whole Disney thing.

Nothing formal, but people to meet and have a few meals or drinks, share stories and just celebrate our love of Disney. I know people meet on the boards, but is there any formal travel groups or companies out there that would cater to this? Any idea if there would be any demand for a service like this?


I know there are sites / apps for cruising solo. I’d be surprised if there weren’t also for land travel.


Thanks. Do you know their names offhand?

There’s a good community of people here, as well. We post our travel dates like this

My wife doesn’t love theme parks, so I go solo throughout the year. (When people ask if that’s odd I explain that it’s no different than if I traveled for business. She’ll go once a year or every other year)

Also, if you’ve never been to Universal I highly recommend it. It’s soooooo affordable! My 3 park AP is only $525! I often find the on-site hotel rooms for under $100. (Usually $70 / night!)
Universal has a good community as well since it’s smaller and less expensive. Personally, I love CityWalk (their version of Disney Springs) so much more! There’s more to do if you like “nightlife” - music, drinks, clubs.

There are events at Universal, like the Orlando Informer Meet-Up to meet people. For $225 you can arrive at 3pm - 11pm/12am with actual low crowds, all the rides are open and UNLIMITED FOOD & DRINKS at all restaurants and quick service. (food starts after 6pm) There’s a passionate community that loves these events. I like them, but they are expensive!

I’m not a Facebook fan, but that’s typically a place to start looking for “groups” for theme parks…

Hang out here talking to us and you’ll make lots of friends…

We have daily chats about our lives and theme parks. I’ve been here for 10 years and although I’ve only met a few people IRL, there are many people here I’ve never met IRL that I’d call my actual friends!

Ask anything & often! Or just chat! (So many of the threads I start for upcoming trips devolve into a daily chat weeks before & after my trips! :rofl:)


Are you local? I know we have several locals here in the forum and on chat that meet up with us out of towners on trips.

There’s also the threads like @darkmite2 shared where you could try to meet up with others traveling at the same time. There are a lot of solo travelers around here. I’d poke around in the threads and be an active participant in some to get to know some people so you could get to know some of us and possibly plan to meet up.

As far as single solos, there aren’t very many and I know at times a Disney dating site was mentioned, but I think it wasn’t very active.


Sorry, no. I follow a few cruising Youtube channels and it was a suggested video.

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Thanks all. No, not looking for a dating site, just people to share a fun adventure


I get weekly notices from several groups in the area that walk Disney on a regular basis. Just walk, chat, eat etc. Meetup | Find Local Groups, Events, and Activities Near You


That’s so cool! I met a lot of awesome people going to Meetup events in Charlotte when I first came home from college. Never would have thought to look for a Disney related one.


I play board games as another hobby. Meetup was invaluable to finding my group! It’s hard to play a board game solo!

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Very true.

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I love board games! Start a new thread and we can talk!


My DM’s are always open as well! I used to “collect” them as well. However, my FLGS has a large number of players. I got tired of buying a game & having my copy sit on my shelf while we played another person’s copy of the same game. I sold over 100+ games during the shutdown. (Helped pay for a lot of those first year of AP trips to UOR!)

I now only have about 20 games that I know I’m the “sole” owner of in my area and/or I love enough to play forever. Plus, I also love painting miniatures! I bought a NEW copy of Gloomhaven for only $15! A collector buddy of mine organized it completely and sorted out everything. Then he couldn’t find a group to play it. His copy just sat there

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Any theme parks in the US to visit?

That’s a great idea! While there might not be formal travel groups specifically for meeting at theme parks, there are online forums and social media groups where Disney enthusiasts connect. You can find like-minded folks willing to meet up, share experiences, and make new memories at the parks. Creating a dedicated community or service for this could totally find a niche—there’s definitely a lot of love for US theme parks like Disney among enthusiasts.


(I’m kidding obviously lol)