Group t-shirt ideas

I am heading to Disney World in April with my sister and her family. I would like to have some sort of coordinating t-shirts for all 8 of us. They don’t need to all be the same, just coordinate. I am having trouble finding something fun that fits our style. I want something a little more creative than mickey ears. None of us are insane disney fans and this is their first trip as a family. Something like “Smith Family Vacation” doesn’t work because our two families have different last names, but I would be happy with some other phrase that makes sense. And I am willing to buy premade or design myself.
We have me and DH and DD’s 16 and 14
Sis and her DH and her DS 16 and 8
Both DH’s don’t want anything too wild but will humor the rest of us wearing the shirt. I have found a few coordinating ones, but can’t find anything that has 8 different designs. Probably the kids would be ok matching each other.
Does this exist?
Share your best or wackiest ideas.

Find a movie or two w/ a lot of characters …like Toy Story, Star Wars, Snow White and the 7 dwarves, etc and everyone has individual character shirts? They don’t have to be over the top character shirts, subtle works too. :slight_smile:


superlatives? “Most Likely to …” (eat all the Mickey Bars, Ride Every Coaster, Get Lost in the Emporium, Sleep in and miss rope drop…)


Find a show/movie/song the entire group can relate to and build a shirt off of that.

It was more than 10 years ago, but a couple of shirts I made were:

  • Toodles from the Mickey Mose Club House.

  • A Buy 'N Large shirt from Wall-E

There were days where we did not wear matching shirts. So I made us all matching grape soda pins so we were all part of the explorer’s club from UP!



there’s always the Liners option too! TouringPlans: products on Zazzle
I think it would be funny if they all had shirts that said “DD of gloobella/DH of gloobella” etc Now I am thinking of making my family do this on our next trip, muahaha.

I agree with picking a movie/theme and going with that. We do matching shirts for our group of 8 and sometimes it’s all the same shirt, and other times it’s just all the same theme. For themes we have Toy Story, Frozen, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lion King. I found all the SVGs on Etsy.


There are shirts on Etsy that say #squadgoals and #snackgoals (and I think #drinkgoals too if you’re into that) with different Disney themes, e.g. princess squad or toy story squad silhouettes, Mickey snacks, Mickey shaped drinks etc. Each person could pick their fave and they loosely coordinate based on the #goals theme.

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We sucked at getting pictures, so I’ll try to describe what each person had:

Toy Story -
Me - Rex “I’m a Nervous Rex”
DH - Forky “Zero Forks Given”
DMom - Cast “You’ve got a friend in me”
DAunt - “Friends” “You’ve got a friend in me”
DS9 - Space Ranger
DS7 - Space Ranger
DD4 - Bo Peep “I’m in Charge”
DD1 - Slinky Dog “Abs of Steel”

Frozen -
Me - “We Finish”
DH - “Each other’s Sandwiches”
DMom - Bruni
DAunt - Olaf “Best Day Ever”
DS9 - Olaf “I love warm hugs”
DS7 - Olaf “I love warm hugs”
DD4 - Elsa
DD1 - Anna

Star Wars -
Me - “The sass is strong with this one”
DH - “Yoda best dad”
DMom - “Best grandma in the galaxy”
DAunt - “This is the way”
DS9 - “Pretty Fly for a Jedi”
DS7 - “Pretty fly for a Jedi”
DD4 - Yoda “Too cute, I am”
DD1 - Storm Trooper “Storm Pooper” (“The Dark Side” on booty)

Pirates -
Me - “I am the reason the rum is gone”
DH - “Why is all the rum gone?”
DMom - “Argh means I love you in pirate”
DAunt - “I wanted to be a pirate, but I couldn’t get my ship together”
DS9 - “A pirate’s life for me”
DS7 - “A pirate’s life for me”
DD4- “A pirate’s life for me”
DD1 - “Argh, change me booty”

Lion King -
Me - “Hakuna Moscato, it means drink more wine”
DH - “Hakuna Matoddler, it means no relaxing for the rest of your days”
DMom - Something sappy, I can’t remember
DAunt - “I wish this line would Mufasa”
DS9 - “Born to be King”
DS7 - “I laugh in the face of danger”
DD4 - “I’m working on my roar”
DD1 - “Hakuna Ma’s Tatas, it means I’m hungry”

I just wanted you to see how you can reflect different personalities within a theme. Do some searching, you most likely will be able to find something to make at least most everyone happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We had 19 in an extended family trip Sept 2019.

We liked pretty much all the ideas mentioned here, but eventually we just picked a color of the day. Folks could buy a new shirt, or save money and time using a shirt they already had.

Two great things - we mostly matched in group photos. And we had individuality.

Maybe I can recall the colors.
Monday - teal, mostly MK, Epcot evening
Tuesday - green, mostly AK, hurricane Dorian evening
Wednesday Typhoon Lagoon
Thursday - white, cuz HS & Storm Troopers, Epcot evening
Friday non-park day - red, which worked well at 1900 Park Fare
Saturday - turquoise, mostly at DS.

Our ex-daughter-in-law bought new shirts for her 3 granddaughters, ages 5 to 8. Matching, mostly Disney shirts. This got so much interest from CMs. Amazed me.

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#1. I can’t believe you typed all that.
#2. I can only imagine what all those shirts cost.
#3. Quick! Plan another trip before the kids outgrow them.
#4. I still can’t believe you typed all that!!!


I had to Google Bruni.
Didn’t know he had a name.

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Those Pirates ones are my favorite!

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We made them all ourselves, so it wasn’t as expensive as it could have been!

We are going in March. I’m hopeful we can use them all again. I try to buy everything a little large for the kids so we can get more use. It’s on my list to try things on in the next week or two.

I was avoiding doing CE hours that are due by year’s end. And I had had a cocktail or two! :rofl:


All great answers.

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I like this idea.

I love the pin idea. I think I can only get people to wear matching shirts one day, maybe two.

Wow. Those are awesome! You are dedicated.

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I hadn’t thought of Pirates of the Carribean yet. I will lean toward that one for its universal appeal to my group. Second choice Toy Story. Al the adults like Muppets so the kids may have to get on board for that too. Thanks everyone.


We all wore Incredibles logo t shirts one year and got so many comments from cast members!

This year, I went Star Wars themed shirts. I started off by telling everyone in the family to pick out a Star Wars poster shirt of their favorite movie from Amazon. This met some resistance, and so I directed them to pick something from Amazon in the Star Wars pride collection. 3/4 people chose the same shirt so I just got it for everyone.


Love them. lots of thought went into them.

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