Group of ten booking dining

Hello! Our 180 day mark for booking dining is fast approaching (end of August) so I am trying to make some decisions! We are a group of ten (4 kids and 6 adults). I understand that for some restaurants I may have to book us in two separate groups and that even if I do get a reservation for 10 that we may be separated. My question is which of these restaurants (if any) would be able to accommodate us all at one table :

  1. Tusker house
  2. Chef Art Smiths homecoming
  3. Ohana
  4. Be our guest (for lunch)
  5. Hoop De Doo
  6. biergarten (Germany)
  7. Liberty Tree
  8. 50s Prime Time Cafe
  9. Via Napoli

These are the ones in thinking of booking and I don’t want to waste my time trying to get reservations for 10 if it won’t happen. Thanks for your help! Also feel free to recommend for a group this size :slight_smile:

Not sure about 10, but I was able to get — BOG, homecomin’, Tusker House, Ohana, Biergarten and 50’s prime time for our group of 9 all on the same reservation. Also made reservations at Raglan Road and the Boat House, but had to wait until they were bookable on Open Table - couldn’t do those for 9 on the Disney website.

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Looking at your list I’m thinking 50’s Prime Time may not have a table for 10–I know we have been separated into two tables as a party of 8.


I’m sure there is a group dining line you can call. I know you’ll miss an hour of booking but I think it may be easier.

I would have a list of priorities, including how hard you expect them to be to get, and ideally some flexibility in times. And see what they can do for you.

You could always try first yourself to get some of them. If you’re trying for smaller groups at the same time, you’ll need two or more MDE accounts. That’s why I think calling may be better.

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@Ladyderks Thank you for your help! It looks like you have been to many of the restaurants that we have in mind! Do you recommend? Also you mentioned you were able to get the reservation but were you all seated together at one table?

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@Nickysyme - Thanks for your advice! I think I’ll try to get as many as I can at 6am and call for any I have trouble with.

We are three families as the group. I am managing the MDE accounts and each family has their own but I have everyone under “My friends and family” so that I can make reservations as one.

So you are saying I will have to go under different MDE accounts if I am making separate reservations?


Our trip is in September, but I am assuming (:grimacing:) we will be seated together as we are all on one reservation. It’s my family and another family, but I’m managing all of our ADRs and FP’s under my account. When do you make your reservations - not sure if you’re in your window yet? I made a list of what I thought would be the hardest to get, and worked my way down. Was able to get everything I wanted, including a pre-park opening BOG reservation (which I have since cancelled due to the EEMH :weary::weary:).
In the past we’ve done Tusker house, Liberty tree tavern, Ohana, Raglan Road, and 50’s Prime time. We really like all of them - and found that they had something for everyone (we have a couple picky eaters). Not everything is ‘gourmet’ - but we are 100% ok with that.
I did read that you can try calling if you have a large party that exceeds a restaurant’s max party size - and that they might be able to make overlapping reservations over the phone (if the times are available) - as you can not do this on MDE. I was too lazy to do this, so just stuck with places that allowed me to make all 9 of us on one reservation online.

Sorry for the novel! On my 3rd cup of coffee this morning. Coffee makes me talkative :crazy_face:

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You can see the restaurant’s maximum party size in the Cancellation Policy that you have to review when you book. The ones I saw were in the 14-19 range. However, that doesn’t mean that you can book large parties online. I was looking for 8 in a couple of cases and couldn’t get a booking that large at like 180+6 for Garden Grill. So I used my husband’s MDE and just booked two parties of 4. It was pretty easy. Might be worth simply doing that.

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I know 'Ohana for sure because I’ve done it with a group of 10. Be Our Guest at lunch you seat yourselves, so it’s just dependent on whether you can find a big enough empty table when you go to sit. Hoop and Via Napoli both seem likely, from what I’ve seen. Other than that, I don’t have much experience! I do remember trying to make reservations at the Grand Floridian Cafe and for whatever reason I couldn’t make one for 10, but they were able to overlap reservations for me.
Best of luck! I do agree, I would have a list of my priorities and go from there.

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I have traveled several times with a party size of 10 and a party size of 8. ( I have traveled with smaller party size as well and booked the dining online .when traveling with 3 or 4). But when making dining reservations for 8 or 10 I always call and found it to be easier. Have the reservation numbers for all rooms when you call on day 180 at 7 am EST. I was able to get all 8 or 10 family members seated together for ohana, homecoming, be our guest ( dinner), 50s primetime, Tusker House, Liberty Tree, Biergarten, and Via Napoli. In the past The only. Reservation I have had to split is with Yak and Yeti. for an upcoming trip in August I had to call the Yak and Yeti restaurant directly for a party size of 8, but they were able to accommodate our group. I have reservations for 8 for August for 50s Primetime, Storybook Dining at Artist Point, Ohana, Yak & Yeti. I have found that with this partysize I often have to be a bit more flexible with times but I have always found something that works. good luck with reservations, enjoy your trip.

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Thank you @kearamcc! That is all very reassuring! I think I’ll try at 6 am to get what I can online and then call at 7 for everything that doesn’t seem to work :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!