Grocery Delivery

Garden Grocer is the old tried-and-true option, but now there are a bunch of new alternatives. Safeway and Publix now have their own services, and there is WeGoShop as well. I’ve even heard a rumor that Walmart is considering jumping in as well. Has anybody tried the alternatives?

Since we’re looking for perishables, Amazon isn’t an option.


We used Orlando Grocery Express last time. Kingdom Strollers gives you a coupon for free grocery delivery with Orlando Grocery Express if you rent though them, which we do. We did in park stroller rental the first time taking our son and used Kingdom last time. We’ll never go back. Having the stroller the whole time is the only way to go with a little guy and the strollers are just nicer.


I did a quick scan of, and the selection looks a lot more limited than Safeway’s site. I was really impressed by the depth of Safeway’s online inventory; many items were on sale as well. (Though I have to admit, some of the prices on both sites were eyepopping to me, but maybe milk is significantly cheaper in Nebraska than it is in Florida. Currently $2 a gallon at store owned by Kroger’s; Orlando stores seem to be more than double that.)

That being said, I’m after convenience on this trip, not bargains.

Yeah. I’m sure direct with a market you’ll get a better selection. We’re just grabbing some snacks, sodas and water. We just chose the place that we got free delivery with the rental of the stroller. I am sure they charge a premium on delivery product. I was also pretty shocked by prices, but it is what it is

Our kids are long past the stroller stage at 7 and 10, so we’re not going there. Safeway’s web site indicated that they delivered to Disney, but rather than assume anything (you know, don’t make an a** out of you and me), I called. They deliver anywhere withing 25 miles of their store…but our Disney resort is 33 miles away.

So now onto plan B,