Grocery delivery versus ride service to/from store

My family of 4 is headed to WDW next month, staying at the Poly and using DME…so, no car. I am planning on having myself or my husband Uber or Lyft over to a local grocery store on our arrival day to pick up essentials so we don’t have to pack them, including diapers, snacks, water, beer. The other adult will stay at the hotel with the kids (ages 4 and 8 months) until our room is ready. I am hoping this will save us some money on a grocery delivery service, and I am picky- I like to pick out my own produce! Is the amount I will save on my groceries worth the time lost going to the store and cost of ride service to and from the grocery store?

We ordered on our last trip and I’ve done my own visits to the store a few times. For me, I preferred ordering. Aside from placing the order, no thought has to go into it and I was able to do it before we left for our trip. When I’ve gone to the store, it has always taken longer than I wanted and I’ve inevitably picked up more stuff than I needed (especially because we tend to go the one stop route and go to Target, which means the potential for buying things I didn’t actually need is much higher).

I loved the convenience of using Garden Grocer. I didn’t even have to be there when the groceries were delivered and all my cold stuff was in the fridge and ready to go. I may have paid more for specific items, but I also didn’t buy other stuff.

We had a very good experience with Garden Grocer in Jan 2017. All the produce was great quality and we didn’t have to go anywhere. I think it was completely worth it. If you think about it this way, Garden Grocer is definitely cheaper than buying all of your food on WDW property.

We use Amazon Prime Now. Better selection than Garden Grocer (which we used for over ten years before switching to Prime Now a few trips ago).cheaper and far better delivery options. They now deliver alcohol as well!

Instacart from Publix was awesome,
I have done both ways, fetch myself and Instacart….very happy with Instacart service!

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Walmart is now offering delivery to WDW. I plan to use them for my next Disney food delivery.

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Does this work the same way as garden grocer… where bell services will keep the cold stuff refrigerated and deliver it to your room and all of that good stuff?

Also, do you place the order on the regular walmart grocery website?

I haven’t used it yet. I don’t think Bell Services cares where the order comes from. If it is marked appropriately, i would imagine they would store it appropriately.

I did play around on the Walmart app or website creating an order. If I recall, you could give a 1 hour delivery block. I was planning on having it delivered while I was there so I wouldn’t need to worry about them storing my food appropriately. Besides, we get in so late on arrival night, that I’ll need everything sorted before bed so I’m ready for RD the next day.

OMG, I was just asking about INSTACART the other day - thanks!