Grocery delivery suggestions


I have read on here that folks have had groceries delivered by former cast members. I am guessing there are others. I tried to search but could not find them. We arrive at CSR on Monday. Any suggestions? We would like to also be able to get some wine delivered if that matters.

There is a Facebook page :Ear for Each Other

A lot of cast members have been called back to work so I don’t know how many last minute would be available.

Garden Grocer will deliver wine if you upload your ID

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We did instacart last month and ordered from the local publix. The cost was resonable and delivery was prompt. We did order beer with our food and just had to show ID at delivery but they may have wine as well.

Can you be there waiting for the delivery?

I’ve always used Garden Grocer with great service. The prices seem significantly more this time.

I’ve used Instacart at home, but will Instacart leave your order with Bell Services. We get it kind of late, and I’d rather have the order waiting on me.

When ordering, from any service, do you just put the address for the hotel?

Also, if not buying alcohol do you have to be present to have them deliver? Or do they know to leave it with bell services?

I know I’ve seen both yes you have to be there and no bell services will take it and even put things that need refrigeration in a fridge. So I just want to be certain. Thanks.

We sure could figure that out as needed!

Yes, instacart would have left the delivery with bell services if we had not ordered alcohol. Then Bell services would have brought it to our room when we called to say we are in the room. They will hold it for you until you are in the room. As of last month bell services was not entering into unoccupied rooms. Not sure if that has changed yet.


And yes just put the hotel address. They texed me when they were on the way and then again when the were at the resort. And if you do order alcohol and have a lot of bags, once you show your ID they will still give the bags to bell services for delivery to your room.

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Thanks so much for the information!!!

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Your welcome!

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Thanks everyone for the info!!

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