Grocery delivery question

I’m going in September with DS6. I’ve driven from NC to Orlando my last 4 trips to WDW or Uni. I’ve been looking at flying this time, as I can get RT flights from Raleigh for about $268. I’ve done the math and factored in cost of gas, parking at the resort, etc.
Yes, it’s more to fly, but it may be worth it as DS6 is a little more high maintenance than DS10, who could make it 8-9 hours in the car with only 1 stop.

Then, it hit me that I wouldn’t be able to bring my stash of snacks and cereal with me, so I need to figure that out. I know that one of the companies is Garden Grocer. What is the other one? I thought it was Amazon Fresh, but I put in the zip code for Wilderness Lodge and it said it wasn’t available.

I want to see the options for the other one, as Garden Grocer didn’t have great cereal options.

Amazon Prime Now will deliver (or at least, they delivered to us at Beach Club last month). You could also use Instacart but I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Prime Now! That must be the one. And I’m a Prime member already. Thanks for the reminder!

Are there any special instructions that you need to put on the delivery instructions other than name and address?

We use Prime Now every trip - works great! Low prices (compared to Garden Grocer), excellent selection, terrific range of delivery slots and best of all…they now sell beer and wine as well! :rofl:

We just put “leave at Bell Services”. We also found that it wouldn’t accept my phone number for some reason (I’m Canadian, that’s the only thing I could think of - it knew it wasn’t a US area code?) so we put the phone number for the hotel and it worked fine.

One more question (hopefully only one): How far in advance can you schedule this? I’m doing a mock order right now, and it looks like I can have it delivered today or tomorrow, but can’t schedule it a week or so in advance.

Correct, you can only schedule it a couple of days in advance. The closest delivery time is one hour from the time you ordered. I’ve used this a few times for topup orders part through our stay - I’ve basically placed the order before leaving a park and collected it on our way back to our room.

Good to know. I fly on a Saturday, so I could order it on Friday and have it delivered to be there after I arrive at the hotel. Cool!

We ordered it from the Magical Express at about 10am and were able to select 12-2 the same day as our delivery time.

I was pondering the same, also flying for the first time ever from Raleigh. I am thinking Amazon Prime Now as well and already added items to my cart even though my trip isn’t until Sept. LOL. Anytime I think of something I add it to the order. I was going to pack a few items from home in my checked baggage as well. I am worried about scheduling a time to be there for pick up so I don’t have to worry about bell services holding it and if everything is included, etc.

There are also other options. Instacart shop at Publix, Dizzy Dolphin is another. There are a couple of others as well.

Each have their own charging structure, and have different policies on delivering alcohol. The DIS boards have a “sticky” information thread summarising them all. I think maybe there’s one on here but not sure where!

So amazon prime now worked for you with a Canadian amazon prime subscription? I was wondering about this for when I am down there next week.

No, I signed up for a free month trial and then cancelled it.

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Ok makes sense, thanks for the info!