Grocery delivery - Orlando Grocery Express?

Has anyone used Orlando Grocery Express for grocery delivery to resorts?

We used Garden Grocer last trip and really loved the convenience but… they have been out of stock of applesauce pouches and a few other random things for a couple weeks (obviously I built my cart a months ago and have been tracking inventory) and Orlando Grocery Express looks the same but with everything listed in stock and many items at lower prices.

(And thanks in advance for not judging that one of my main deciding factors is applesauce pouches. :laughing:)


I haven’t used this service, but I was also looking into it. We are looking into having water and snacks delivered to the Boardwalk and this actually seemed like the best option. I hope you get some responses.

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When is your trip? Mine is in a couple of weeks so at any rate, I can report back if it will help you!

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We ordered through Publix last April and were very impressed (instacart). The shopper was texting me as she shopped with pictures of what was on the shelf for items that were out of stock and possible substitutes. Highly recommend. Enjoy!


Mine is 1/30

Just put my order in for 1/20, so if all goes well I’ll report back here. Have a fun trip @Frstdonohrm!